Our commitment to the community

At King Arthur Flour, we like to share with the world not only our passion but our compassion. From donations to nonprofit organizations, to volunteering in the community, giving something back is an important value that we hold – and put into action every day. We’re committed to contributing to causes we believe in through both our energy and our profits, and we hope that in doing so we help set an example for others – individuals and businesses alike – to follow. We envision a world made better by the big impacts we can have when we all do a little something good.

King Arthur Flour employee-owners volunteer for a wide variety of community organizations each year.

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  • Being a good steward means not just caring for the environment but also caring for the community…
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Volunteer Program

Our volunteer program encourages employee-owners to spend time helping nonprofit organizations here in Vermont and beyond by providing paid time off for volunteering during normal work hours. Paid volunteer time may seem an oxymoron, but we’ve found that allowing folks to dedicate some of their working hours to causes they support gives busy people a chance to do something they may not otherwise have time for, and often inspires folks to dedicate even more time to helping their communities.

We provide 40 hours of paid volunteer time per year to part-time and full-time employees.. In our fiscal year 2007, just 26 employees volunteered a total of 215 hours. With increased focus on this benefit and some company-organized group projects each year, we’ve grown the program annually; in fiscal year 2010, 123 employees volunteered a total of 1075 hours. That’s a lot of time spent helping nonprofit organizations!

King Arthur Flour volunteers

From 2007 to 2010 King Arthur Flour had a 500% increase in volunteer hours used and a 461% increase in the number of employees who volunteered.

Some of our regular volunteer efforts include preparing, serving, and cleaning up after free community dinners several times each year; picking up litter during Green Up Vermont Day; sending reading mentors to local schools each week through the EverybodyWins! reading program; and maintaining the King Arthur Trail here in Norwich.

Our employees have cleaned and painted at a local homeless shelter, worked on building projects with Habitat for Humanity, taught folks in the Dominican Republic to bake in volunteer-built wood-fired ovens, baked bread for donation to people in need in our community, and so much more. We encourage employees to find volunteer opportunities that speak to their interests and passions. Our goal is to see this program growing each year, and we hope someday every employee will take advantage of this special benefit.

KAF's involvement with In Good Company: increase access to healthy food in West Oakland, CA through building community farms, backyard gardens and neighborhood farm stands, and building a greenhouse in the South Bronx to extend the growing season, aiding the community in growing and distributing fresh, neighborhood-grown food.

King Arthur Flour volunteers

KAF volunteer attaching purlin to a new roof. ©Clif Bar & Company; Photo: Anne Hamersky

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  • Times are tough these days, and here at King Arthur Flour we’re always thinking about how we can support…
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Donations & Giving

We offer donations of cash or products to nonprofit organizations within a 100-mile radius of Norwich focusing on nutrition education, hunger relief, and environmental sustainability. These guidelines help focus our giving not only in the geographical area in which most of our employee-owners live and work, but on the issues of greatest concern to our company.

If your nonprofit organization meets those basic requirements, please complete and submit our donation request form.

King Arthur Flour focuses donations and giving on communities within a 100-mile radius of its Norwich, Vermont, headquarters.

Funding for Nonprofit Organizations

We partner with Vermont-based Red Barn Fundraising to help schools and nonprofit organizations raise money by selling our premium baking mixes.

Vermont Public Radio

We support Vermont Public Radio by providing dedicated space for their Upper Valley studio at our Norwich headquarters, Camelot.

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  • An important part of King Arthur Flour’s mission is to educate and inspire bakers worldwide – and although…
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Bake for Good: Kids program

Bread baking is a fun way to apply math, science, and reading comprehension to a real-life experience – just ask the more than 120,000 students we’ve taught through our Bake for Good: Kids program. In this FREE Program, Kids in grades 4 – 7 LEARN to make bread from scratch. We provide the ingredients and the know-how to get baking. Kids BAKE bread at home, and take pride in both their new skills and the delicious results. Kids give back to the community and SHARE a loaf of bread with a local organization, experiencing the joy and satisfaction that comes from helping others in their community.

Our Bake for Good: Kids instructor and two student assistants present a 50-minute demonstration on the bread baking process. Then, each future baker takes home materials, including our nutritious whole-grain flour, and the know-how to get baking!

Visit Bake for Good: Kids online to learn more about this exciting program, find out how to get your school involved, and download an application, recipes, booklets and other teaching materials.

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Employee Volunteers

Being a good steward means not just caring for the environment but also caring for the community. King Arthur Flour tries to make that easier for employee-owners by offering time off each year for volunteer activities, individually and through company-organized efforts – and during our last fiscal year, at least 120 employees gave more than 1,000 hours to the community.

One of our group efforts has been ongoing work with Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity to help construct a homes for families in need in our area. Habitat for Humanity is an international, nonprofit organization that has provided simple, decent, affordable home ownership for more than 250,000 deserving families who could not otherwise afford to buy a home.

King Arthur employees have helped out with everything from sealing foundations and caulking windows, to painting, landscaping, and installing a new roof. And, of course, we bring coffeecake or cookies each time we go to nourish the work crew!

Employees enjoy the chance to leave their normal work and put some sweat into a good community project, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity and other organizations around the region.

Supporting Strong Communities

Times are tough these days, and here at King Arthur Flour we’re always thinking about how we can support people in need in our community. Toward that end, we share King Arthur Flour Bakery leftovers with local service organizations that help feed our neighbors.

We usually end up with at least a few breads, cookies, and pastries that haven’t gone out the door by closing time. That’s why we’ve partnered with several groups that make sure our food “waste” becomes a valuable contribution to someone else’s daily food needs.

Each day, someone from The Upper Valley Haven, The Family Place, or Willing Hands stops by our bakery for the previous evening’s leftovers. From bread to cookies to Danish, we like knowing that these baked goods are helping feed our neighbors who need a little extra support right now.

We also like knowing that with each bag of flour we sell, we’re helping to keep struggling U.S. farmers in business. That’s because we use only American-grown and -milled wheat in every bag of King Arthur Flour; we get the quality wheat we need to produce the great flour you expect, while supporting farmers and millers around the nation.

Whether it’s in our own back yard or across the country, we’re happy we can play a role in strengthening our people, our farmers, and our economy.

Helping Bakers Worldwide

An important part of King Arthur Flour’s mission is to educate and inspire bakers worldwide – and although we’re a U.S.-based company, we’ve make good on that commitment in part through our involvement with a local group that conducts annual volunteer work in the Dominican Republic.

For several years, we’ve sent one of our expert bakers to the Dominican Republic for a week as part of a team of volunteers who work on a variety of projects to help strengthen local communities. Our bakers help villagers learn to make bread and other baked goods in their volunteer-built wood-fired ovens, intended to provide both a focal point for community gatherings and a means of sustenance and income for impoverished families.

We offer instruction on all aspects of baking, from measuring ingredients to mixing, kneading, and shaping breads, and loading and maintaining the oven – and even work with traditional foods like roasted peppers, foraged nuts, and homegrown potatoes and squash. The hope is that community members will develop a microeconomy around baking in the ovens.

Even the 200-plus employee-owners at King Arthur Flour who stay behind in Vermont pitch in to send flour, yeast, and baking tools, sending hundreds of pounds of flour to the Dominican Republic with the volunteers.

We believe in the power of baking to build community. And our visits to the Dominican Republic reinforce – to us and to the friends we’ve made there – that we’re all part of a global community; we’re all in this together.