Our commitment to what we sell

Our care for the community and the environment starts with our products. From our centuries-old commitment to providing flour without unnecessary chemical additives, to our support of American farmers and baking supply manufacturers, we do our best to make sure that social responsibility is at the core of our business. After all, our products are the building blocks that create a strong foundation for everything else we do.

photo: harvesting wheat

King Arthur Flour is milled from 100% U.S.-grown wheat – part of our commitment to providing the best baking products and supporting American business.

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We put great care into product sourcing in order to provide our customers with the highest-quality baking ingredients and supplies. This has been a hallmark of our company since it began in 1790, founded on the principle that American bakers deserved pure, natural, high-performing flour.

We take great pride in offering the best flour money can buy, produced without any unnecessary chemical additives. It all starts with high-quality wheat grown to our specifications by dedicated American farmers, farmers we’ve built relationships with to ensure that we get the quality product we need while supporting and encouraging their good stewardship of the farmland we all rely upon. Our flour is always milled from 100% U.S.-grown wheat, so while we get the best raw material for our finished product, we also support the livelihood of countless family farmers in our own country’s breadbasket.

partnership with USA Pan

We always use U.S.-grown and -milled wheat, and whenever possible we partner with companies like USA Pan, an American manufacturer offering environmentally sensitive products with superior baking performance.

But wheat isn’t the entire picture; through our Baker’s Catalogue, we also sell more than 1,000 tested-best baking ingredients and tools so you can turn to us for everything you need when you want to bake your best. While product quality is of utmost concern to us, we believe it’s best to do business with companies that share similar values around social responsibility. We work with domestic suppliers whenever possible, partnering with companies like USA Pan – a family-owned business based in the U.S. manufacturing top-quality baking pans from recycled and environmentally friendly materials.

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Packaging & Paper

We can’t get around the need for properly packaging our flour and baking mixes, but we can make choices to lessen the environmental footprint of all those boxes and bags. Our mix boxes are made from 100% recycled paper with at least 35% post-consumer content. Because our flour bags come in direct contact with the flour, we can’t incorporate recycled content – but the flour bags use minimal paper and are 100% recyclable (and they make excellent wrapping paper!).

We are, of course, aware of the environmental footprint of mailing millions of catalogues each year. From doing our best to “mail smart” and partnering with Catalog Choice to stop unwanted mailings, to working with our printers to limit and recycle waste, and reducing the size of our catalogue to save paper, we’re constantly working to find the right strategy for our company and the environment.

recycled content in product packaging

We strive to use minimal material and incorporate recycled content wherever possible in our product packaging.

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