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Looking to fit better baking into your busy schedule? Whether you live in Anchorage or right next door, our free, self-guided online classes will help you unlock the magic of bread baking, unravel the mystery of pie crust, and uncover the secrets of tender scones—all on your schedule, and from the comfort of your own home.

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Cake Decorating

In addition to being talented, experienced bakers, our online baking class instructors have mastered how to help others become talented, experienced bakers—online. Take an online course with our master bakers and learn the secrets of the pros.

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Cake Decorating with Susan Reid

Cake Decorating

Who says you can’t decorate a fancy cake? These step-by-step illustrated instructions turn you into the cake designer/pastry chef you always dreamed of being!

Building A Gingerbread House with Susan Reid

Kids will especially love to participate, and the end product is a great holiday decoration.

Making A Yule Log with Susan Reid

Inspired by the old-world tradition of burning a huge log on the medieval hearth throughout the 12 days of Christmas, this dessert usually disappears much sooner than that.

Bread From The Hearth: Baguettes & Ciabatta with Sue Gray & P.J. Hamel

There's nothing like a good, crusty hearth bread, one made from the simplest of ingredients, given a good, long rise, and baked till golden brown.

Pies For All Seasons with Sue Gray & P.J. Hamel

One of the best-loved of traditional American desserts, pie catches our attention early and often.

Alternative Shaping Of French Dough with Jeffrey Hamelman

You've learned how to make some great baguettes. Now you're ready to add to your repertoire of shaping techniques.

Baking At The Bed & Breakfast with Barbara Lauterbach

Barbara Lauterbach owns and operates the Watch Hill Bed and Breakfast in Center Harbor, New Hampshire. Be treated to the wonderful sweets she serves her guests, such as Lemon-Poppyseed Muffins, Apple Streusel Coffee Cake, Onion Dill Batter Bread, Whole Wheat Granola Bread and Maple-Walnut Scones.

Bread Machine Basics & Beyond with Robyn Sargent

Operating the Baking Hotline and fielding challenging questions, Robyn brings a level of expertise to King Arthur Flour. She also writes a column for the Baking Sheet. According to Robyn, there's nothing a bread machine can't do to yeasted breads.