WOW! You cleaned us out…

boiled cider

Guess that apple cake recipe sounded pretty irresistible to a lot of you bakers out there – we sold 749 bottles of boiled cider this past week, which cleaned out both our stock, and that of Willis and Tina Wood, who press the apples and boil the cider at their orchard in Springfield, Vermont.

But never fear – help is on the way. Another crop of apples is being harvested now, and more boiled cider should be ready the first week of October.

Thanks for your enthusiasm! And, if you got a back-order message – we appreciate your patience.


PJ Hamel

PJ Hamel was born in Wisconsin, grew up in New England, and graduated from Brown University. She was a journalist in Massachusetts and Maine before joining the King Arthur Flour Company in 1990, where she's been ever since. Author or co-author of three King Arthur ...


  1. G. Joseph

    I can’t wait to receive my bottle of boiled cider.
    You are correct, after reading and then printing out the recipe for the Apple Cake I knew that I had get some.

    I will be sure to let you know how tasty is turns out.

  2. Theresa

    I was so impatient that I couldn’t wait for the mail to make the cake, so I boiled some apple juice to thicken it a bit. Worked fine, and the cake was amazing. Now I’ll be waiting for my bottle in October!

  3. Suzanne B.

    argh! To the early bird goes the worm…or I should say the cider.
    I waited too long. I’ll just wait till mid-October.
    I love Fall…..
    Thanks for all the greatness on the blog.


  4. Mary

    Interesting that, right after reading your blog about Boiled Cider, I saw something at Old Sturbridge Village about “Cider Molasses.” I’m guessing it’s the same thing?

    Talk about synchronicity! I’d never heard either term before. Definitely have to try this, as we are now using only natural (and less-processed) sweeteners in our effort to eat healthy.

    I’d guess it’s the same thing, Mary – and I like that name, “cider molasses” – has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it? PJH

  5. Shon

    I posted on the apple cake blog that I am so happy I placed my order in time for my dinner party this weekend! I’m making this yummy looking recipe and would have been so disappointed if I had to wait ’til October! Cannot wait to try this – and not only in the the skillet cake recipe, but also in my apple pie! Thanks KAF!

  6. Sandy

    Whew…good thing I bought a bottle last year! Apples are everywhere here now in NC so plan to use the boiled cider this fall for all those yummy apple pies, etc.

  7. Emilie

    Fortunately I got some boiled cider several orders ago — it is definitely great on oatmeal and for ramping up the apple flavor in cakes. It is also a real convenience when I need apple cider for a pork recipe, etc. Otherwise you have to buy a big jug of the stuff. But I do have one question that I’ve been meaning to ask one of your bakers — what is the refrigerated shelf life of the boiled cider, and can I freeze small quantities of it? Thanks! Emilie
    Emile, There is no need to freeze boiled cider. It will last forever in the refrigerator. Frank @ KAF.

  8. Susan

    I didn’t have the boiled cider and after reading the blog, I had to make the apple cake RIGHT NOW so I used maple syrup. The cake was amazing and knowing that maple syrup works will make my wait for the boiled cider much more delicious. The apple cake recipe is a definite keeper. Thank you!

  9. SK

    Why not just make this at home? The instructions are basically right in the name; take cider, boil it. Are we really that dependent on other people?

    SK, For most folks it is simply impossible to create this ingredient at home. For 1 pint of finished boiled cider you must begin with 2 1/2 gallons of cider. That is a 20 to 1 reduction. The cider must be preheated to just below boiling (without scorching) before is is passed through the evaporating pan (again without scorching). This can only be accomplished using traditional maple sugaring techniques and equipment. Frank @ KAF.

  10. LinC

    Wow, I’m glad I ordered when I did (scored a bottle for me and a bottle to give as a gift). I have a different apple recipe that I wanted the boiled cider for, but your lovely recipe reminded me to order. Susan’s tip about trying maple syrup is also helpful. Thanks for carrying such usual items in your catalog.

  11. Suzette

    I got my bottle yesterday. I can’t BELIEVE how wonderful this stuff tastes! Can’t wait to make the apple cake – and anything else apple, for that matter. This is going to have a permanent place in my pantry. Where has it been hiding all my life?

    More recipes using it…please!

  12. Deb

    Can you interchange the boiled cider for regular cider when regular cider is called for in a recipe? Would it be the same ratio?
    1 tablespoon of boiled cider mixed with 3/4 cup of water will make 3/4 cup of cider. Joan@bakershotline

  13. Anne Miranda

    Got my bottle today!!! Going apple picking with the grandkids in a week. Can’t wait to try the apple cake recipe!!! How long does the boiled cider keep in the frig after opening?

    Anne: the cider keeps practically indefinitely in the frige. (my bottle at home is almost a year old, with no ill effects). Susan

  14. Kell Brigan

    (Spent last weekend making apple butter, myself. This weekend’s apple sauce, and sliced apples for pies for the freezer. I only brought home half a bushel, but it seems to be going on forever! :)

    Meanwhile, for folks in California, boiled cider and other wonders can be had at Oak Glen (So. Cal) and Apple Hill (No. Cal). Try and

    Have a Blessed and Happy Autumn!

  15. skeptic7

    I bought a bottle of boiled apple cider in June to use in your apple pie recipe. Do you have other recipes that use boiled apple cider? I’ll try your fresh apple cake recipe later. Do you think I could use it instead of honey in muffins, or would that taste too strong? We have several recipes that call for boiled cider. If you click on recipes on our home page, then type boiled cider into the search box, it will bring them up. A customer just wrote that she used it in her mashed sweet potatoes. I’m not sure it would substitute for honey in a muffin recipe 100%, but maybe for half the amount. Try it and let us know. Use it whereever you want to impart a nice apple flavor. Have fun with it! Mary @ KAF

  16. superbaba

    I didn’t know to refrigerate my bottle of boiled cider! What is the shelf life of an opened bottle left unrefrigerated? It looks and smells fine, but I don’t want to be wrong…..

    It should be fine – it’s got a lot of sugar, which preserves it. If it was moldy I might question it, but stick it in the fridge – it’ll keep longer… PJH

  17. Ivy Maas

    I have a recipe that calls for a half cup boiled cider would like to use your product my question is will the measurement still be the same or do I have to use half cider half water. Or a half cup of bottled boiled cider. Thank you for your help

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      I am not sure if I am understanding you question Ivy. Please call our Baker’s Hotline, 1-855-371-BAKE. We would be happy to help! Elisabeth@KAF

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