The Baking Sheet: Our magical app debuts!


Once upon a time in the land of Arthur, magical abilities existed. Merlin could turn the pages in his book of spells with a wave of his hand.

Centuries later, the wondrous alchemy that is baking is available to us the same way. It’s a different sort of book, but pretty much the same hand gesture, and equally magical.

In 1990, Brinna Sands and PJ Hamel began a simple newsletter called The Baking Sheet. They filled it with stories, recipes, discussions, and all things baking.


While many of you have been Baking Sheet fans for years, many more of you have been asking for an electronic version. We heard you.

Suzie from Wilton, CA speaks for a lot of you about The Baking Sheet: love it…great ideas, great baking and a wonderful inspiration!!!! Would love, love, love to see it digital on my iPad, that would make it rule!!!!!

For 2 years now, I’ve been researching, planning, and investigating. For the last 6 months, expanding circles of King Arthur employee-owners have been hard at work getting all the behind the scenes gears to mesh properly, so we can put every Baking Sheet issue where you want it: on your computer, tablet, and phone. Twenty-three years and more than 3,500 recipes later, we’re pleased to introduce you to The Digital Baking Sheet.

On your desktop,




or phone.


Now you can read every issue of The Baking Sheet on the electronic device of your choice. Already a subscriber and want to check it out? If we have your correct (current) email address, you should already have received an email that’s inviting you to view the Spring issue. If you didn’t get that email, please contact us, so we can add your new email address.

Want to use your computer to explore? After buying a subscription, you’ll get 2 emails. One will confirm your order, like always, and the other will send you a link to the web address where the Digital Baking Sheet can be found. When you get that email, click where it says “Click Here”, and you’ll be taken to the web platform for your computer.


After you click on the link, a screen will come up asking you to log in with your email address. It looks like this:


Click on the “sign in” box, enter your email address, and you’ll be taken to the cover of the current issue, and have access to everything.

Important note: If you download the app before buying from us, and decide to purchase from inside the app, your access to the back issues won’t be automatic. We’ll need your email ( address to provide access and there will be a delay (up to 48 hours) while we put your access in place.

 Desktop first look

Have a tablet? If it’s an iPad, go to the iTunes App store, or click on the Apple icon at the bottom of the email to download the app. Have a Kindle? Amazon has the app for you. Other non-Apple devices and phones? Find the app in GooglePlay. If you have more than once device, simply download the app on each one. Your email address will work as your login no matter which one you’re using.


We knew if we were going to bring this to you, we had to bring the whole enchilada. To make all that material useful, we first had to make a list. A big one. So much so, we’ve affectionately named it “the Beast.” It’s an index, by category, of every recipe, back from the beginning in 1990. It’s over 100 glorious pages long.



We had a unique feature built into the app and desktop versions. You can browse the cake section –



or scroll through yeast breads –


then touch or click on any recipe that interests you, and be taken, rather magically, to the recipe inside its issue. You can also scroll back in time through the issues and browse at leisure that way. On a desktop, you’ll find a tab on the left that says “back issues.”


Click on that to see them displayed. The left navigation bar will look like this:


Drag the blue slider down to browse back in time; click on any issue you want to open it.

On the iPad, once you download the latest issue, you’ll see a series of dots underneath the cover that indicates there are more pages. Swipe the screen right to left, and you’ll see the image below, with the Beast, er, index leading the way.


Merlin would approve, we think. During the time you’re a current subscriber, you’ll have access to all of these recipes and issues. That’s more recipes than in all these cookbooks combined.


If you’d still rather turn a page than swipe or click, don’t worry. In this case, you can have things both ways. We’re offering a combined print and digital subscription, and you can still have the paper subscription that’s always been available.

Carol from Hanover, MA

I applaud digital fans for consolidating their data. But there are still those of us who love turning pages—newspapers, magazines, and, yes, the Baking Sheet. I keep past issues in a binder and often browse through them for something I meant to try but haven’t yet. The dozen or pages in each issue contain more usable, exciting recipes than many cookbooks.

bs-combinedNow you can check a recipe’s ingredients on your phone while you’re grocery shopping; show (or share) your favorite recipes, and bring your favorite Baking Sheet stories, recipes, and how-to information along when you’re traveling or visiting friends.

Gwen and I have spent a lot of time getting reacquainted with the wonderful recipes and writing that Brinna and PJ did in the earlier years of the title’s existence.

So much so that Gwen has taken on the challenge of exploring the material, and baking her way through new (for her) techniques and skills – with a little coaching from yours truly. This week she took on puff pastry from scratch, and she’ll be telling you about her adventures in the treasure trove of Baking Sheet archive recipes as the year goes on.


One last thing: the nuts and bolts. A paper subscription continues to cost $21.95 per year. A digital-only subscription is the same. Combined subscriptions (paper + digital) will be $26.95 – which is still less money than any one of those cookbooks you saw in the pile above, for 10 times more recipes.

As time goes on and we get our newest project on its feet, we’ll be able to add enhanced content to our digital versions, including videos and how-to slide shows. It’s an exciting time, and we hope you’re as fired up for our new digital version as we are.

There’s an awful lot of treasure in this great new archive, just waiting for you to take it up and bring it alive. Join us in the pure joy (and magic) of baking.

Susan Reid

Susan Reid grew up in New Jersey, graduated from Bates College and the Culinary Institute of America, and is presently enjoying her fourth career after stints in advertising, running restaurants, and teaching at the New England Culinary Institute. She joined King Arthur in 2002 to ...


  1. sandra Alicante

    Sorry, but you have done the same as book publishers. To charge the same for an electronic copy is wrong, the production costs are lower, no postage etc.
    I am saddened that you have done this.
    Thanks so much for the honest feedback Sandra. I’ll be sure to pass it along to the team. ~ MaryJane

  2. Cindy Leigh

    How do you access the index, broken down to “type” (cakes, muffins, etc) versus whole issue, on the iPad? I can get the pages with entire issues, but not the sorted index.
    Cindy, see the blog notation above. When you’re in the app, with the screen that shows all the issue covers, double tap the index. It will download (this will take a few seconds), then you can open it. Hope this helps. Susan

  3. Cindy Leigh

    Susan, on the iPad, all I see is the page of thumbnails of back issues as you have in the photo above. (Black background) There is no “index” to double tap.
    The index is the first issue that’s displayed in the back issue archive. Has a white background on its cover…

  4. Cindy Leigh

    Oh duh, I figured it out! Haven’t had my cup of coffee yet, and trying to keep one eye on breaking news from Boston. No caffeine + multitasking = dimwit!!

    Happens to me, too :-)

  5. Daisy in NJ

    I am new to the Baking Sheet and just received the e-mail notification regarding the digital subscription yesterday. I am quite frankly AMAZED at the value here! The ability to peruse issues going back not just seasons but years and years will keep me busy reading – and baking – indefinitely. This is surely the best money I ever spent on a subscription. Thank you KAF for making this possible!

    Thank you Daisy, so much! We’re pretty excited, too :-) Susan

  6. GAA in Pittsburgh

    Susan, I am relatively new to the Baking Sheet (subscriber for the past 4 or 5 years) and VERY new to the iPad (got one for Christmas from my husband!). Always loved, loved, loved the Baking Sheet. The information is great and the recipes are wonderful! (I’m trying the Vanilla Salted Peanut cookies from the current issue tonight!!). So when I learned there was going to be an app for my iPad I was very excited. Well, let me say … I am speechless with joy!!! (And me being speechless is hard to do, believe me!) I downloaded the app on Tuesday night, saw all the past issues — and I mean ALL! WOW! Then I saw the thumbnail for “the Beast!” Well, good gracious Susan, I could not believe my eyes. All those recipes, organized AND hyperlinked to take you directly to the recipe! My eyes were popping out of my head! I can’t wait to really dig in to start exploring back, back, back issues, bookmarking recipes to try and perusing “the Beast..” Thank you KAF for a job very well done!

    You cannot know how much we all appreciate your good words. There have been many, many hours from lots of people put into making the Beast, but we knew if we were going to ask people to invest in our Digital edition, we needed to provide something of significant value. Thank you so very much for your comment, and we hope you enjoy working with the app! Susan

  7. Argentyne

    darn. I was really hoping you guys would do the same thing that TIME and a few other magazines have done. With TIME, if I have the paper subscription, I get the digital as part of the subscription cost.

    $21.95 is a great price for a year of a magazine (depending on the number of issues per year) and I am not adverse to paying it. However, I agree with the commenter above who points out that digital only should NOT cost the same as a paper subscription.

    I’m going to have to think about whether or not I want to get the Baking Sheet again.
    Current subscribers have access to the 2013 Spring, Summer, and Autumn issues for free, so they have the chance to try before making a decision. Time magazine sells advertising to support the costs of their publication; we don’t and therefore aren’t in a position to offer the same kinds of pricing. We’ve shouldered additional costs to create the Digital version, as well as to convert 23 years of back issues to the digital platform for subscriber’s use. We hope you’ll stay with us. Susan

  8. Narelle

    Uuuummmmm methinks you need to have a giveaway for some subscriptions…. ;) Looks awesome!

    Fantastic Idea, I will pass that suggestion along. Betsy@KAF

  9. LesliM

    If I’m reading this post correctly, the digital subscribers are getting all 23 yrs of The Baking Sheet. Assuming that’s correct; and assuming TBS has always been 6 issues a year…that’s $0.16 an issue for the digital subscription. Who WOULDN’T be thrilled with that?! You should really point that out in this post and in the subscription page.

    Yes, you ARE reading that correctly, and thanks to your nice comment, others will, too! Much appreciated. Susan

  10. John Graham

    I appreciate the lack of advertising in TBS. $21.95 per year for the printed version I feel is a fair price so $21.95 per year for the digital version is equally fair if not a better value. True you don’t have publishing and mailing costs for the digital version but I now have easy access to all issues ever made and easy access to recipes compared to searching each and every paper copy. I spend hours enjoying the content of a year’s worth of TBS that costs $21.95. Compared to going to movies or sporting events, I get much better value for dollar spent per hour of enjoyment. Keep up the good work. One more reason KAF is my favorite site.

    Thank you, John. We adore our readers, and do our best to give good value and great recipes for your hard-earned dollars! Susan

  11. Jay

    Will the app continue to function after the subscription runs out? Will I just not get new issues? or is it an annual fee to keep access to the old ones?

    Once the subscription runs out, the app won’t work. Renewing the subscription will keep the old and the new Baking Sheet issues on your favorite digital format. Irene@KAF

    Let me clarify that. If your subscription runs out, the app will stay on your device. Issues you’ve downloaded should still be accessible. The index will still work, but you won’t be able to roam around more than a page or two before the paywall comes up. Susan

  12. Northwoods Baker

    I received my paper copy of the Baking Sheet on Monday. I saw the notification inside regarding a digital copy for computers. I was so excited. I tried, in vain, when I was able to access my computer that evening to access the digital version.

    On Tuesday, I called customer service and the young man I spoke with did not know how to access the digital version on a computer and in fact, told me it was not possible without an Android or Ipad. I asked to speak with another person who was immediately able to provide me with the correct information albeit reluctantly.

    I am happy that I was able to access the digital version, but saddened that I was once again given the run around by your customer service department. The folks in the customer service department need to be better educated.

    P.S. I was not able to login to post a comment. Every time I logged in and clicked on post a comment, I was given a 404 error. So, I clicked on submit a comment without signing in and had no problems. Come on, King Arthur, get it right the first time!

    Thank you all for helping us work through our digital expansion. There have been some bumps in the road and we appreciate our wonderful customer/bakers letting us know how this is working (or not) for you in your home kitchens or with your home technology – it’s the only way we can make changes for the benefit of our baking community. Posting comments on the blog or reviewing recipes doesn’t require a log in. Irene@KAF

  13. Cactus

    I love your new digital format and have spent the last two days reading thru the old issues. Needless to say, I have not gotten any housework done! I love the feature in the index that allows you to access the recipe. The only other thing I can think of that I would like to see is an index of the “information” articles. It would be great to access them when I think, “Now where did I read about….”. I think your pricing is fair, especially considering all the hard work your staff has put into this. I understand people wanting to get a “good deal”, but I think we are getting a bit selfish in wanting everything “cheaper”. It takes time to digitize things and set up indexes and links. We are getting spoiled by the digital age. :) Keep up the good work – I will continue to subscribe. This is my first year and won’t be my last.

    To answer your thought about the “how to” articles in the index: we had them in there, but to be complete would have added another 5 or 6 pages, and the formats had changed so many times over the years it was a tough thing to get our arms around to categorize. So we decided to have those bits be kind of like the chocolate chips in your cookies: the extra yummy part when you come across it…Susan

    Note to Baking Sheet subscriber families – please don’t leave us messages (or recipes) in the collecting dust! Happy Baking – Irene@KAF

  14. Cindy Leigh

    I’ve been browsing through this on and off all day. I LOVE it!
    I’ve never bought the hard copy Baking Sheet. I really appreciate having access to every baking sheet since inception with this subscription. I think it’s a tremendous value due to that.
    Yes, I can see that people would think that a digital subscription might yield a higher margin due to no actual paper, postage, etc., but I know you’ve incurred front-end costs for programming and digitizing everything. I can’t blame you for trying to recoup that.
    I’ve been buying electronic cookbooks lately, too. I prefer to use my iPad in the kitchen now vs a hard copy book or magazine. I like the functionality. My only dilemma with that is that I have no hard copy too”leave” to my daughter some day. I guess I’d have to print out my favorites and include in my loose leaf binder of favorite recipes.

    Hi, Cindy! I, too, have been enjoying having the iPad in the kitchen. For months, before the app was done, I kept reaching for it, knowing how much easier it was going to be to use the recipes, only to do the head smack and say, “Dang! Can’t have that yet!”. I hope you enjoy working with it as much as we have. Susan

  15. Karen

    Dang. It won’t let me sign in.

    So that’s 22 bucks for 23 year’s worth of recipes?

    Or, less than a Washington a year?

    Zounds! I do hope you get paid better than that! Whatadeal!

    Karen, please call us (800-827-6836) or LiveChat with your e-mail address so it can be re-entered. Thanks for taking this extra step to get your digital Baking Sheet as we work through the transition. Irene@KAF
    Thanks, Karen, for your happy reaction! We’ll get your proper email uploaded and you’ll have the run of the archive! Susan

  16. Mark C.

    I’ve only poked around in the iPad app for a short time, but I was impressed. It looks great. I still want to receive printed copies of the news letter, and I just subscribed. How does one upgrade to print and digital on an existing subscription?

    And about the digital only cost verses print only cost. I have to say that it really isn’t all that unreasonable to have them the same cost. First, the physical printing and binding (for a book, anyway) is actually not the main cost of a publication. Primarily you are paying for the content followed by getting that content ready (that is acquiring, editing, and production). And production costs don’t go down dramatically just because its an electronic format. They are pretty much the same, and electronic versions can even add additional costs for conversion or other steps along the way. And here they have to maintain servers for all that content, too. The authors, editors, and production people still do their work and deserve their pay whether its print or electronic.

    Getting this ready must have been a great deal of work. It looks great, Susan and the King Arthur crew!

    You already have the Baking Sheet, so you’ll get a couple months of the digital version. There will be updates about adding it to your existing subscription in the near future. Happy Baking! Irene@KAF

    Hi, Mark. For now, through the Autumn issue, your access to the digital version is free, on us. We wanted to give people some time to try it out and see if they’re interested before making a committment. Some time before the Holiday issue is in home (around November 1), just give us a shout and pitch in your $5 upcharge, and you’ll be all set. You’re quite correct about conversion costs, by the way. Thanks for your input. Glad you’re liking it so far! Susan

  17. Ginger

    When using a computer (not a tablet) is there any way to save the issues to your computer for printing or offline viewing? Or is it once you are not a current subscriber you loose your back issues? While I love the digital format for magazines, I’m a little disappointed with the new Baking Sheet format. I guess I was hoping for something a bit different. I think there are much better services and ways to present digital magazines. But, as with all new things, I’m sure there will be refinements and changes as time passes.

    You certainly can print from the digital edition; on your computer, there’s a print button on the upper right on the screen’s navigation bar. Anything that’s downloaded stays on your machine or device until or unless you remove it. Susan

  18. Melanie

    YAY! I know what I’m getting for my birthday present. As someone who lives abroad, I hadn’t subscribe to the baking sheet because the extra postage cost was so high; I am SO EXCITED!!!

    Hi, Melanie! Yes, I’m pretty fired up, too, because I know there are a lot of expats and friends far away who have been wanting a chance to subscribe. Welcome, and woo hoo! Susan

  19. Rachelle

    Signed up via my Itouch, was able to download the Index and the latest issue. But no tab for back issues? Maybe I am doing something wrong. Help? Sent an email to customer service. But putting in a comment here too as I really REALLY really am so excited with your new app!

    I’m not familiar with iTouch, but if it’s an iOS platform, you should see some little dots on the main screen that indicate there are more pages behind the one you’re on; try swiping the screen right to left; the back issue preview screen should appear, looking like it does in the blog above. Susan

  20. Judy G. Northridge CA

    My life is now complete, the only thing better would be a West Coast cooking school! This is so awesome and I can not wait for the videos and how to’s….
    Thanks again for all that you do at KA.

    While the West Coast cooking school might not be in the works, Judy, we are still running classes out here in Vermont 359 days a year! We appreciate your words of support and hope you enjoy the digital access! Kim@KAF


    I have installed your app and purchased a subscription but cannot access any issues of Baking Sheet. I have received only one email and it does not include a link to Baking Sheet. How long do I need to wait for the second email you mention in your article? I’d like to browse the issues this weekend.

    We can certainly see what the issue might with your restricted access. Please call us up so we can assist you better. We’re here today until 5pm EST OR Monday-Friday 8am to 9pm EST: 1-800-827-6836. Thank you, Kim@KAF

  22. SallyBR

    Just got my subscription! I am excited to indulge in reading it this weekend.

    If I may ask a question, though – what is your policy on food bloggers publishing a recipe from the publication? Of course, giving full credit to the source!

    I have blogged in the past on recipes published online here, as I got the ok when I inquire about it – is the same valid for recipes in this subscription?

    You would be fine to publish a recipe of ours as long as you cite it correctly and identify the recipe’s author (either Susan Reid, Gwen Cook, Julie Christopher, or Robyn Sargent). I cannot recommend this link highly enough by reputable blogger/author, David Lebovitz: It explains and shows how to handle proper recipe citation for bloggers. Best, Kim@KAF

  23. twyla

    I totally disagree from those who say the digital should cost less. It’s incredibly affordable. This is an app not a book. Just because it’s not printed on paper doesn’t make it less expensive to produce. I can’t imagine the amount of work that went into this. Programming takes time people and is not a simple process. We should salute their obvious hard work here. They did more than simply scan a bunch of newsletters and combine into a pdf. Plus, you are getting all past versions. That’s great for someone who is getting in on a subscription later. Not to mention the INDEX is fabulous. I have a subscription to a popular test cooking magazine, and I buy the magazines in bound form at the end of the year. However, if I want to look for something specific I have to dig out each book to find it. This is great. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you, Twyla! It has been quite a journey, but we had a similar reaction the first time we started travelling around inside the app. We hoped people would find it to be functional, easy to use, and fun. Much appreciated. Susan

  24. Lisa

    This is exciting, however. I am disturbed that I will have to continue paying yearly to be able to access the issues I have paid for. If I understand correctly, if I subscribe in 2013, I will have access to all 23 years. Yet in 2014 if I don’t subscribe, I cant even read my 2013 issues. is this correct?

    When you subscribe, you’ll be downloading individual issues; and they’ll stay on your computer or your device unless or until you delete them. What ends when the subscription does is the convenience of being able to link between issues and go anywhere within the archive you like. Susan

  25. Pattie

    The digital edition seems a tad pricey compared to other subscriptions I receive digitally, some of which come monthly at half of the price you charge. Most subscriptions have an option to purchase single issues. Will you offer this?

    Yes, single issues are available for sale at a discount off the price of a paper back issue. Susan

  26. Terri

    I love the baking sheet and love the app! I can’t believe how much we have access to! I am wondering if I can access the app on all my Kindle, phone and the computer with the one subscription price. I usually use my Kindle but if am at the store or out may want to look a recipe up. Thanks!

    Any device you want to download the app to will work with your subscription. It’s not limited to a single app on a single device. Best, Kim@KAF

  27. Kathi

    Another 1st for you folks at KAF. Congrats!

    Now here is where I admit my digital deficiency. I have a smart phone [a droid that as of yet has no App on it] I would like to have access to TBS on, but am pretty sure an iPad is coming for Mothers Day. [I am being dragged into this kicking and screaming] Since these are two different formats not to mention the computer, is it accessible on all, or do I need to choose just one?

    As for the cost, the amount of content you are offering is incredible. While I have been reluctant to get the paper copy, this is certainly worth the price of admission. I can’t wait, this is going to be a great read.

    Thanks to all of the KAF crew!

    Hi, Kathi! Here’s what’s cool about this. You can download the app on several devices. So for your droid, go to googleplay, and download the app on your phone. When you open your Mother’s day gift, go to the app store on iTunes, and download it again. And from your computer, you can go to the web address link from your notification email (or contact us at and you can see the digital edition on your computer. Susan

  28. Joey D in LA

    Congratulations on entering the digital realm with such class and style! I especially appreciate that you opted to use native applications (like Apple’s Newsstand) rather than trying to create a new app! I’m certainly happy to add the digital edition onto my existing subscription – such a steal at $5/year.

    However, I do have to agree with one of the first comments, you really need to drop the price for those who opt to subscribe ONLY to the digital edition. The cost of production and distribution is obviously less than the cost of an annual print edition. That being said, even at $1.50 an issue this would be a bargain!

    The other suggestion has to do with errata sheets! My biggest complaint about the Baking Sheet has been the lack of notification about errors in earlier editions, and having to go to the website to check on errata sheets. It would be nice to have these errata incorporated directly into the digital editions. Easily done and redistributed. Or even add a link/notification system to your email database and to the app?

    However, as always, thank you for the great addition to the KAF family of products!
    Hi, Joey! Thanks for your feedback. Actually, the there have been costs to digitize 23 years of Baking Sheets, and to design the interlinking functionality. You’ll be pleased to hear we’ve made the recipe corrections that we know of to Digital issues before putting them up (we focused primarily on the last 10 years in that effort). Susan

  29. JuliaJ

    Yvette in Customer Service said that my hardcopy subscription can’t be converted to a digital subscription. As I still have over a year left on my paper subscription, I guess the only way to continue access to the digital versions is to pitch in the $5 extra charge 8-(…

    So is that an additional $5/year or is it discounted for multi-year subscriptions? I didn’t see a multi-year paper + digital subscription offering on your website or a multi-year digital subscription.


    The other comment is that even though my last renewal was part of a web order, my email address wasn’t linked to my subscription. Customer Service said it would take 48 hours to do so (I guess they’re swamped right now with requests). But I did try to click on the “contact us” link in the blog and got a “You are trying to connect to a phishing site” warning–so I backed out real quick! Can you have someone check that link to make sure it’s legit?

    Thank you (still waiting to get to the digital Baking Sheet portal…)

    Julia, you certainly can convert your subscription to Digital, and I’m sorry for the confusion. If we had your correct email in our subscriber database it’s already been uploaded, and you download the app and enter it. If we didn’t have that email address, please send it to with a note and we’ll get you taken care of. Susan

  30. mumpy

    Even for a cookbook junkie like me, the “Beast” is a bit overwhelming! Hundreds of recipes! Where to start? Right now I’m thinking Caramel Pear Pudding Cake, but who knows what treasures I might uncover tomorrow. My heartfelt thanks to all who worked on this enormous project; I promise to enjoy finding and baking lots of new recipes!

    You are very, very welcome. You see why we had to name that thing, right? And it’s only going to grow as we add more material! Susan

  31. Rachelle

    What is the link to the desktop/laptop version? I had been reading at night using my Itouch, but would really like to be able to view it better via my laptop. I have not received any email with the link (as mentioned in the blog), so if you could let us know the link here, i think it won’t be a problem to log in using my username and password, right?

    Yes, Rachelle, your email will work on the desktop version as your login (it’s the same for all devices). Email and they’ll send it right to you. Susan

  32. Formerlyforeman

    Love the new Digital! Works great on my laptop but am having difficulty with the app on my ipad. It crashes when i open the index. The screen goes black and stays that way. Any advice?

    The index is so big it takes a while to download; you may not be giving it quite enough time to load. If it’s taking longer than 90 seconds, drop me a line and I’ll let our App vendor know. We did an update that’s supposed to take care of this; be sure your version is 6.1. Susan

  33. aamoe

    I’m very excited about this – I hesitated to sign up for the Baking Sheet, mostly because I didn’t want paper copies – I’ve pretty much eliminate paper subscriptions from my household. Love the idea of being able to access this via an app or online – PERFECT.

    On my way to go sign up for it now!!

    Hooray! Thank you! Susan

  34. SallyBR

    I am back again just to say I LOVE IT!!!! The index feature is simply amazing, I had no idea I would be getting so many issues, so having an index that allows me to jump straight to the recipe is too cool!

    also, if someone placed the order and at first had trouble to see it in the iPad, wait for 24 hours or so – it turns out they are getting pretty busy with orders and the mobile version can take a little longer to be processed. It is worth the wait, I can tell you….

    very happy camper here… and the price is right, in my opinion.
    Thank you, Sally! Once you have your hands on it, it’s hard to do without! One thing to note: if you buy your subscription from within the app, we’ll still need your email address to upload and get you back issue access. If you buy from our website, you’ll have full access within the hour. Susan.

  35. Biffhank

    All I can say is HURRAH! I’ve been one of those asking for an online version of the Baking Sheet. Though I love how beautiful the paper ones are I am really trying to downsize and as sad as it was I cancelled my subscription after many years to get that area under control. Total geek so I have nearly every device mentioned and it thrills me that it will work on them all. Though the digital version may not have the cost of postage it has the cost of maintenance and programming and though programming has never been my area of expertise…I can appreciate all the labor that goes into a project like this one. I will definitely get signed up for a year…and see how I like it. Hopefully you will give us that 3-year option on subscriptions if we love it (and we do most things KAF!) down the road. I happily pay for the digital being the same as paper. Maybe for Mother’s Day I will gift my beautiful paper copies to my mom. I loved the CD versions vs. the paper versions but this is just so much sweeter!! My iPad keeps all my personal recipes with me wherever I go. Now I get to bring KAF favorites with me as well. Thanks for listening and doing such a great job getting it to us and making it work for those of us who love the recipes but prefer a more electronic means of having them available to us. Now I have to go sign up!!

    You are ever so welcome! It was a long haul, but we’re so happy that people who have tried it are pleased with the results. Susan

  36. ptempleton

    Love King Arthur products so it took me all of two seconds to decide to sign up for the digital version of The Baking Sheet. I downloaded the app via the iPad iTunes Store. From there I subscribed to the digital edition. Got the current copy. Got a receipt from iTunes that I had subscribed. But no email from King Arthur Flour that actually allows me to access the 3500 recipes. Found a way to the Index which I could download. But all the older editions say they cost $$$ to view. Don’t know if KAF is getting info from iTunes Store about new subscribers?????? What to do, I really wanted to do some browsing/baking this afternoon.
    Hi there. Due to the way the iTunes account is configured, we’ll need to get your email and load it from our end to get you back issue access. If you haven’t already, please email, tell them you’re looking for back issue access, and we’ll take care of that today. I’m sorry for the delay, but you should be set up by tomorrow. Water under the bridge, I know, but for others considering, if you buy through our website the access is set up to be pretty much instant. Susan

  37. pohan

    While it is a great idea to introduce the digital Baking Sheet, don’t you think you should upgrade your subscription format for non-US customers? There should be no geographic limitation to electronic subscriptions whatsoever as there is no shipping charges involved. I am sure your non-US customers will appreciate the convenience instead of calling your customer service.

    We’re working on our coding for the item now; I realize it’s cumbersome to have to call instead of being able to use the website. Susan

  38. ficelle

    In addition, I noticed that the very first issue we get was:

    Black & White
    Four pages
    Four times a year

    And one could subscribe for $30!

    The first 4/C issue was Holiday 2004, and was 28 pages. (Subscription was only $20 then.)

    I’d have to say that a price increase of $1.95/yr. in 8 years is pretty good. Haven’t checked out when it dropped from 28 to 24 pages, but I still think it’s an amazing bargain. And don’t forget, there’s no advertising. Cook’s charges virtually equal amounts (‘way more than $21.95) for every single thing you get from them: print, digital, online…close to $100/yr. for all three. They use the excuse of “no advertising” for having to charge full single subscription prices for everything.

    We’ve been through a lot of changes, following the development and cost savings of advances in digital photography and color printing (while paper and other costs when up). When we went from 28 to 24 pages, we also increased the size of the pages, so the number of recipes per issue is the same. It’s been an exciting decade, and it’s only going to get more interesting, and interactive!! Susan

  39. kaf-sub-bev61

    Thanks for all your hard work in giving us the Baking Sheet in a Digital format. I live in Australia and have contacted you via email to subscribe. I am really looking forward to all the new recipes and articles that I will have access to!
    In my opinion the cost of the Digital Subscription is more than fair. I am more than happy not to have yet more books and papers in my home & am a supporter of eBooks for the same reasons. I also know that there is a cost to produce digital material. It doesn’t just appear without a lot of work behind the scenes! So, once again thanks from a very grateful subscriber.

    What a nice note! Thanks and happy baking!

  40. Biffhank

    Back to say I signed up and have been putting the app on as many devices as I can manage. I didn’t see there was a Kindle version for those of us who don’t have physical Kindles but do have the app. I guess that makes sense that it isn’t being put on a Kindle as an app. Other than that, I’ve been delighted with the ease of use and the great recipes. I just need 50 more groups to bake it all for to spread my passion out and avoid overloading any one person or group with treats!! LOVE it. And may I also put a side note about how I love you have both the weight AND measurement on the one view. My biggest “gripe” with the new recipe format for recipes on the KAF site is having to print it twice to have both the weight and measurement on the same recipe. I do it all by weight and love baking that way but everyone doesn’t have a scale or like doing it by weight. These folks need the measurements but none of my copies show that unless I manually put the two together. I wish you would do both on the same print/copy again like the old days and like you are currently doing on the digital copy of the recipe in your app. Just a sidebar for the website to be as great for a recipe printout as your new app and digital baking sheet. Have to say you did a great job and I may never stop browsing!! OR baking!! Thanks!

  41. ficelle

    Well. This is my third comment saying what a Wonderful app this is! It may have taken you a little longer than some to get it out, but you have done it Right!

    And, what a great value! (Now I’ll quit raving about how fabulous it is – at least for today.)

  42. guilin1

    Running app on Kindle Fire. Cannot figure out how to push individual baking sheet editions back into the cloud and off of the device. The standard method of holding a finger on that edition of the baking sheet and waiting for a menu choice to remove from device does not come up. I cannot find any menu options to do so either. The only option I seem to find is to uninstall the entire application. Can you help?

    I would suggest to contact Amazon technical support; they should be able to help with this problem.-Jon

  43. Christine

    I love my Baking Sheet subscription and app, but since the new issue came out, I can’t access either it or the index. I contacted Customer Service on live chat (I’m in Australia and calling isn’t convenient), and they said they’d look at it, but I still can’t see them. Anyone else having this problem?
    Hello Christine – I am sorry you are having difficulty accessing our digital Baking Sheet. Since it is difficult for you to reach us by phone, please send us an email with your full name and physical address so we can check our database. The Baking Sheet Team will be able to take care of this as soon as possible. Please go to this link to email us at your convenience We look forward to hearing from you soon! Elisabeth

  44. Jane

    it is just not working
    I seem to be having the same problems as Christine…….
    oh and by the way, the email address above is the one I used for my subscription
    Hi Jane! I just submitted your information to Linda and she will be calling you shortly. I’m sorry for your frustration. ~Amy

  45. Celsa

    Hello! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this website? I’m getting sick and tired of WordPress because I’ve had issues with hackers and I’m looking at options for another platform. I would be awesome if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      We actually use WordPress, as such we really couldn’t offer an alternative! Jon@KAF

  46. celine

    Oh my word, I need to get this magic baking app!! I love to bake and cook this festive kind of stuff. Where can I see some of your favorite recipes?
    Celine |

    1. Susan Reid , post author

      Hi, Celine. If you download the app (which is free) you can do some maneuvering (about 3 or 4 pages) before the log in screen comes up. At that point you can decide to subscribe, or just pay for an individual issue. The other way to see some of our recipes is to go to our recipe archive and type “baking sheet” into the search box. You’ll get 3 pages of recipes that first appeared in our publication. Susan

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