Gluten-Free Triple Chunk Oatmeal Coconut Cookie Bars: The best thing to happen to this mix, bar none!


Baking mixes. Always there for you in a time of crisis.

Like when your friend calls and says she’s having some last minute potluck to celebrate the end of the chicken pox epidemic in her home and could you bring dessert? Or when your child tells you the morning OF the school baked sale that he’s supposed to bring a contribution. Grrrrrr!

We’re so busy, over-extended, hyper-scheduled, fueled by the challenge to get to the next meeting, appointment, play date – whatever – on time! I don’t like it any more than you do and I wish the world would just slow the heck down for once.

But I love the part of my job where I get to make your baking life simpler. I’m inspired by the challenge of creating a new recipe from a baking mix – something that can add value to an already existing product, and give you one more reason to keep it handy on your pantry shelves.


So you come across a box of our gluten-free cookie mix on that rushed morning when the heel of your shoe breaks off as you run the forgotten backpack to the car trailing piddles of water behind you because the water bottle in it is upside-down. Yeah, that kind of morning. I have ‘em way too often, no matter how organized I think I may be.

But cookies, though easy to make, are a total babysitting job. You’ve gotta scoop, bake, and schlep from tray to cooling rack each batch, until you’ve either used up all the dough or at least made enough for your purpose.

What about cookie bars from this mix? Still a cookie and a simple dough, but toss it all in one pan, slide the pan into the oven, and in 20-ish minutes, you’re on your way? Possible? Yes. Let me show you!

Preheat your oven to 350°F and lightly grease a parchment-lined 9″ x 13″ pan.


You’ll only be altering the butter and water amounts from the directions on the back of the mix box. Otherwise, the basic method is the same. Pour half the cookie mix into the bowl of your stand mixer and beat in 10 tablespoons butter.


Add 1 large egg and 4 tablespoons water and beat well.


The mixture may look curdled at this point, but that’s OK.


Go ahead and beat in the remaining cookie mix.


Scrape the bottom and sides of the bowl so that everything is incorporated.


Add 3 cups of chips, nuts, oats, or dried fruit. I chose 1/2 cup each butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, and white chocolate chunks.


Plus 1 cup rolled oats and 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut. I highly recommend this combination – a big raving hit here in our employee kitchen!


Make sure all of the yummies are thoroughly stirred into the dough.


Scoop it into the prepared pan.


Press it in evenly. I made a double batch here since I needed to share one for sampling, and freeze one for a session at our photography studio.


Bake the bars for 20 to 25 minutes. The top crust should be lightly browned when they’re done. Cool them to lukewarm before cutting and serving.

Move on in your day and enjoy these soft, tender, and slightly chewy cookie bars melting with your favorite flavors. Or simply relish the fact that the baking is done!

Read, bake, and review (please) our recipe for Gluten-Free Triple Chunk Oatmeal Coconut Cookie Bars.

Print just the recipe.


Amy Trage

Amy Trage is a native of Vermont where she spent much of her childhood skiing and training for the equestrian event circuit. With a strong desire to pursue food writing, Amy took her English degree from Saint Anselm College to the New England Culinary Institute ...


    1. MaryJane Robbins

      Start with your favorite chocolate chip cookie base recipe instead of the mix and go from there. Enjoy! ~ MJ

  1. Paul from Ohio

    YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY AMY! Equestrian circuit?! Gosh, didn’t know that about ‘your childhood’! And I LOVE MJ’s reply to Carolyn Foster – GOTTA TRY THIS for sure (non-gluten free of course!) Way to go way over there in VT!

  2. Enid

    You mentioned “Add 3 cups of chips, nuts, oats, or dried fruit. I chose 1/2 cup each butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, and white chocolate chunks.” Did you mean 1 cup each butterscotch, chocolate and white chocolate chips? 1/2 a cup of each only equals 1.5 cups. I just want to make sure I’m making this right. :)

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      The recipe requires adding 3 cups of add-ins total. So, yes, 1 cup of each butterscotch, chocolate and white chips. You may choose any combination so get creative! Elisabeth

  3. valereee

    Okay, I understand that a lot of folks want gluten-free, and I sympathize, but enough already! There’ve been more gluten-free recipes than regular baking recipes lately.

    1. MaryJane Robbins

      Thanks for the feedback Valereee. We are trying to offer variety, so don’t hesitate to let us know if there are specific recipes you’d like to see in the future. ~ MJ

    2. Janine O

      Please, don’t listen to “enough already” in regards to your gluten free recipes.

      Valereee, while you say that you sympathize for those of us that have to eat gluten free, you will never fully understand what it feels like to walk a mile in our shoes.

      KAF, you do wonderful work on your GF recipes. You save me time and money because I know that I can use your recipes with great results. I don’t really mind reading all of the “gluten filled recipes” on your blog and would never request “enough already!”

    3. KRD

      Let me assure you, we do not WANT to eat/bake gluten free — we MUST for the health of my daughter. I’ve been baking all breads, rolls, cakes, cookies, you name it, from scratch for well over 10 years for my family — with wheat. The diagnosis of Celiac Disease in our family has changed EVERYTHING. There is precious little out there to help us navigate this change, particularly with baking from scratch. I’ve loved King Arthur flours and products for years and never noticed the gluten free stuff…until now. I nearly cry every time I see a new GF recipe or blog. It fills a void that runs deep… Thank you KA!

  4. Hillary

    Agreed Janine! The ratio of GF recipes to non GF recipes doesn’t compare. We HAVE to eat that way so keep the GF recipes coming! Your mixes are by far the best we have tried. You may want to mention in any recipes with oats to chose GF oats. Thank you!

    1. Amy Trage , post author

      I’m sorry, but our mix formulas are proprietary. We would love to help you with your gluten-free baking, though! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. ~Amy

    2. catubbs

      if you want to make your own mixes using KAF flour, tab on over to the America’s Test Kitchen Website and get their gluten free cookbook. KAF has been a sponsor of the show, and a lot of their recipes are made with KAF products

  5. Adrienne

    Thank you KAF for providing us with these fabulous gluten-free recipes! I am a scratch baker and am just recently foraying into the world of gluten-free. Your GF flour has been a gift from heaven. My son-in-law was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and has to modify his diet to one that’s gluten-free. Well, he was a huge fan of my baked goods, but was heartbroken when he learned of his recent diagnosis. He knew this would mean no more of my baked treats. I quickly went in search of GF recipes. Thankfully, I didn’t need to search far. KAF, my favorite flour company, was ready with many GF recipes. After eating one of these triple chunk oatmeal coconut cookie bars, my son-in-law told my daughter. “I love your mom! I just love her face!” I couldn’t ask for a better compliment. Thank you for being adaptive, aware and sensitive to the needs of all your customers.

  6. Lucette :)

    Any suggestions for substitutions for the egg in your recipes? We just found out that my son is allergic to whole eggs, and he loves the KAF GF muffin mix for breakfast muffins…


    1. PJ Hamel

      Hi Lucette – Here are two types of egg replacers appropriate for a GF diet:

      Flax gel egg replacer: For the 3 large eggs called for in the mix, use 6 tablespoons (1 ½ ounces) flax meal (the more finely ground, the better) blended with 1/2 cup + 1 tablespoon (4 1/2 ounces) cold water. Let sit for 10 minutes to thicken before blending into bread mix.

      Starch-based egg replacer for 3 large eggs:

      1 tablespoon plus 1 1/2 teaspoons (1/2 ounce) tapioca starch
      1 tablespoon plus 1 1/2 teaspoons (1/2 ounce) potato starch
      3/4 teaspoon baking powder
      3/8 teaspoon xanthan gum
      1/2 cup + 1 tablespoon (4 1/2 ounces) water

      Good luck – hope this helps. PJH

  7. Michelle

    Many thank you’s for the GF recipes. I, too, have to eat that way, along with dairy and egg free. My request would be that you state in the recipe if an egg substitute would work. I’ve read on some of your mixes (brownie comes to mind) that it won’t necessarily work well with an egg substitute. My understanding is that a lot of people who have gluten issues also have dairy issues so it’s pretty easy to find gluten/dairy-free but so many companies make up for the lack of those 2 ingredients with eggs. Sometimes a substitute works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’d love to try more of your gf mixes but it’s the egg issue that holds me back. I do love your GF flour – that’s a staple in my kitchen! Thank you, again.

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      Yes, you are so right Michelle and we have been sensitive to that by testing most of our GF mixes with an egg substitute. If we have tested it and our site has been updated, the information can be found on our product page where you will see the the option to expand the information about the product. We are striving to get to the point where all mixes are tested and information provided on the both the site and the boxes. In the meantime, we encourage anyone and everyone to contact us for more information. We are here every day! You would not believe the amount of calls we get from shoppers in their grocery store aisles looking at our product. Elisabeth@KAF

  8. Danielle

    If I wanted to make cookies instead of bars- I actually want to make gluten free cinnamon oatmeal raisin cookies. Would you suggest adding the extra water and butter still


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