tips for the perfect cheesecake

Special occasions call for extra-special desserts. Rich, creamy cheesecake is a fitting finale to any festive dinner.

  • 1 Looking for the creamiest cheesecake? Make sure your cream cheese is at room temperature before you start. Ice-cold cream cheese is sure to leave lumps in your cake's filling.

  • 2 For best texture, beat filling ingredients at medium-low speed. Beating at high speed adds air to the batter; longer, slower beating yields a pleasantly dense cake.

  • 3 If smoothing your cake's crumb crust is a challenge, cover it with plastic wrap or parchment, and gently roll with a small rolling pin or pastry roller.

  • 4 Plain cheesecake is a blank palette, awaiting your artist's touch. Flavor to taste with creamy orange-vanilla Fiori di Sicilia, or select from our enticing array of extra-strong flavors.

  • 5 Want to avoid cracks in your cheesecake? Bake gently by covering the pan with shiny-side-out foil, to temper the oven's heat; then cool slowly in the turned-off oven.

  • 6 Run a heatproof spatula or table knife all around the cake's edge before returning to the oven to cool. This will help prevent high edges, and settling in the center.

  • 7 When it's time for topping, don't settle for run-of-the-mill canned pie filling. Your beautiful cake deserves a gourmet touch—like our special cherry and pecan toppings.

  • 8 Cheesecake gifts are fun and easy: bake cake in a rectangular pan, as shown; cut in squares; spread with different toppings, and place in lidded gift pans.