cookie decorating 101

cookie decorating 101

outline and fill - 4 easy steps

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Start with baked and cooled cookies. Are your cookies a touch too dark? Solve the problem with a layer of smooth icing, called flooding. Use parchment under your cookies for quick and easy cleanup.

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Using a decorating bottle (or pastry bag) with writing tip, pipe a border of royal icing around the area you’d like to flood. Before the border dries, pipe more icing to fill the interior of the outline. The icing should be thin enough to flow smoothly.

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Allow the flooded areas to dry completely before adding another color, or piping on designs.

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Pipe on finishing touches with additional colors using interchangeable tips and bottles. To attach sugar decorations, pipe a dab of icing onto the back of the decoration and "glue" it onto the cookie.

outline and decorate - 3 easy steps

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Scoop out a portion of royal icing and add water, a drop at a time, until it pipes smoothly. To tint icing, stir in coloring a drop at a time until the desired color is reached. Using a bottle or pastry bag with a small writing tip, pipe a thin line of royal icing around the edge of the cookie. Let the icing dry.

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Using a bottle or bag with the writing tip, use another color to outline and flood smaller areas. Let dry before anchoring sugar decorations with a touch of icing.

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Decorating bottles have a coupler built into the top to easily switch tips for different designs. Or use a pastry bag with coupler to try new tips. A writing tip is perfect for adding tiny dots of "snow."

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