kids learning to make bread collage
kids learning to make bread collage

Learn Bake Share Program

In our FREE Program, kids learn to make bread from scratch. They discover that math, science, reading, and baking know-how add up to delicious bread! Kids are excited to take ingredients and their new skills home to bake two loaves; one to keep and enjoy and one to share.

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Kids in grades 4-7 learn the skills they need to make delicious bread from scratch, using math, science, baking technique tips, reading and following directions, problem solving, time management, creativity, and more.

kneading dough


We provide the ingredients and the know-how to get baking! Kids bake bread at home, and take pride in both their new skills AND the delicious results!

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Kids give back to the community and donate a loaf of bread to a local organization, experiencing the joy and satisfaction that comes from helping others.