King Arthur Flour is Featured in National Google Ad

America’s Oldest Flour Company Proves an Old Company Can Learn New Tricks Using the Web

Vermont based King Arthur Flour is featured in a new Google television commercial that hit the airwaves this past weekend as part of the ‘Better Web’ campaign.

“We were inspired by the King Arthur Flour story,” says Scott Levitan, Director of Small Business Engagement at Google. “Here is one of America’s oldest companies embracing the web. The web has let them go from reaching people in their New England neighborhood to reaching bakers around the world.”

Over the last decade or more, as bakers have moved online, King Arthur Flour has too. The web has allowed the company to expand from just a flour company to a premier baking resource. Recipes, blog posts, a baker’s hotline, live chat, an ever expanding product line, and a variety of educational programs, including a Life Skills Bread Baking Program brought to middle schools across the country for free, have been searched for, promoted, and discussed through the company’s website and social network accounts.

“The web has offered an amazing opportunity for us to reach a much larger audience than we ever could before,” says Tom Payne, King Arthur Flour Marketing Director. “Google has changed the web in a big way and we’re proud they want to showcase our story.”

For over 200 years, King Arthur Flour focused on selling flour throughout the northeast. The goal today is to inspire and educate people around the world to uphold the grand tradition of baking. A longer video Google created highlighting King Arthur Flour and the baking tradition is also available for viewing on Google’s YouTube channel.

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King Arthur Flour is America’s oldest flour company and premier baking resource, offering ingredients, mixes, tools, recipes, educational opportunities, and inspiration to bakers worldwide. The company has been employee-owned since 1996. For more information, visit

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