King Arthur Flour and Jacques Torres Chocolate Form Exclusive Partnership

Two Forces to Bring Indulgent Chocolate Baking Mixes to Markets in March 2007

America’s oldest flour company and one of the world’s favorite chocolatiers and pastry chefs have teamed up to bring three, first-of-their-kind, indulgent chocolate baking mixes to consumers nationwide: Pure Bliss Fudge Brownie Mix, Mudslide Cookies and French Kiss Cookies.

Developed and tested by the bakers at King Arthur Flour in cooperation with Jacques Torres, the new mixes are the original recipes of New York City’s favorite cookies and brownies previously available only at Jacques Torres Chocolate locations. The recipes feature the highest quality ingredients, from King Arthur’s signature Unbleached All-Purpose Flour to the finest chocolate used in Jacques Torres Chocolate shops, all with at least 62% cacao content. The mixes are blended and packaged in King Arthur Flour’s grain room in Vermont.

“I’m excited about these products and honored to be sharing my passions on a much grander scale. I’ve long respected King Arthur Flour, their commitment to quality and excellence, and am thrilled to be working with them on this endeavor,” said Jacques Torres.

The collaboration between the two well-renowned brands comes from closely aligned philosophies and an already established working relationship dating back to Torres’ first PBS appearance in 1998. When Torres opened the first Jacques Torres Chocolate shop and factory in December 2000, his pastry making endeavors carried over from his days as executive pastry chef at Le Cirque, and he began baking and selling his now famous cookies and brownies. In Fall 2006, reflecting his desire to marry his passion for chocolate with his love of pastry making, Torres reached out to King Arthur Flour who, unbeknownst to him, was already in the process of developing such a product. King Arthur Flour and Torres were thrilled to re-establish the partnership. It was a match made in heaven!

“Our positive experience with Jacques, as we sponsored his first PBS television show in 1998, led us to establish a long-term relationship that continues to flourish. We respect his considerable talent, appreciate his friendship and value his business partnership. As we worked on developing the new cookie mixes here at King Arthur, we found ourselves in a back-and-forth partnership that we’re certain will yield a bumper crop of delighted customers,” said Sue Gray, Test Kitchen Director at King Arthur Flour.

Now, with uncommon ease for such an extraordinary product, consumers can experience the pleasure of Torres’ highly coveted baked goods in their very own homes within moments. The Pure Bliss Fudge Brownie Mix creates a rich, dense chocolate brownie with ganache-type topping; the Mudslide Cookies feature huge chocolate chunks and walnuts in a chocolate cookie dough; and the French Kiss Cookies are a new version of an old favorite, chocolate chunk cookies. The mixes retail for $12.95.

The new Jacques Torres Chocolate Baking Mixes from King Arthur Flour are now available through The Baker’s Catalogue and online at and will be available for consumers in gourmet food stores nationwide in March.

Jacques Torres is a world-renowned chocolatier, pastry chef, cookbook author and television series host with two Jacques Torres Chocolate shops in New York City. He serves as Dean of Pastry Studies at New York’s French Culinary Institute and is dedicated to providing a training ground for the future professionals of the field and furthering the causes of his profession.

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