King Arthur Flour Launches “K.A.F. Kids” Baking Mixes

Kid-Friendly Mixes are Wholesome, Fun, and Easy to Make!

America’s oldest flour company is making baking with kids a fun and easy family event with the introduction of its new K.A.F. Kids baking mixes. The mixes, now available to consumers at, are made with the same high-quality ingredients King Arthur Flour is known for, in kid-friendly flavors with easy-to-follow instructions.

The new K.A.F. Kids baking mixes include Snickerdoodles, Rainbow Snack Cakes, Pizza Crust, Chocolate Chipper Muffins, Cowboy Oatmeal Muffins and ABC Twists. The retail prices range from $5.50 to $5.95 per mix.

“These kid-friendly mixes – made from wholesome ingredients in flavors kids like, with fun shapes, small portions and simple instructions – are a great way for children to begin learning the basic life skill of baking,” says Tom Payne, King Arthur Flour’s Director of Marketing. “Taste and quality are paramount, as in all of our mixes, and these quick and easy treats met with enthusiastic approval from our toddler-to-teen taste-testers.”

Made with high-quality King Arthur flours and ingredients, the new K.A.F. Kids mixes make small batches, downsized for a kid’s attention span. The mixes can even be made in an Easy-Bake oven®; test-bakers at King Arthur Flour developed baking times and directions, available upon request.

The K.A.F. Kids mixes represent a new category for the 218-year-old flour company. The mixes are available at or by calling 800.827.6836.

King Arthur Flour is one of America’s best-selling flours, known by avid bakers for its consistent baking performance and lack of chemical additives. King Arthur Flour’s mail-order catalogue offers more than 1,000 professional-grade baking tools and ingredients, available online at and at The Baker’s Store in Norwich, Vermont. The oldest flour company in America, the King Arthur Flour Company has been employee-owned since 1996.