professional bakery flour sales

Our flours are held to the strictest standards in the industry, and our bakery flour sales team members come from milling and baking backgrounds—which means we're able to offer the kinds of products and services that you need to make your business a success.

professional flours
professional flours

King Arthur Flour ensures that our flours adhere to the tightest tolerances in the milling industry. Protein content doesn't vary more than 0.2%, and ash 0.02%. Equally narrow tolerances apply to mixing performance characteristics. Our professional flours

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King Arthur Flour is available to retail and wholesale bakers through our nationwide network of bakery ingredient suppliers. We work closely with our distributors to ensure timely delivery of King Arthur Flour to your bakery. Find a local distributor

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When you use King Arthur Flour, you get more than the industry's most consistent flour. You get us, too. Meet our team

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consulting services

King Arthur is able to offer consulting services for new or existing bakeries. We can assist with bakery layout and design, formula development, equipment and small tool procurement, production scheduling, process troubleshooting, technical education, and hands-on work. If interested, please send an email to Jeffrey Hamelman at Jeffrey.Hamelman[at]

Your customers look to you to produce superior baked goods every time. You rightly expect your flour to do the same.

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King Arthur® Flour delivers on that promise, no matter when or where you buy it. Our specifications are the narrowest in the milling industry, with protein levels that vary only 0.2% (two-tenths of a percent), and ash levels that vary only 0.02% (two-hundredths of a percent). We approach the milling process as bakers, buying wheat and having it milled with one factor in mind: baking performance.

  • Premium wheat - We buy only premium grade wheat, even when it's more expensive. If bad weather causes a poor wheat crop, we pay even higher prices for wheat to ensure that your flour performs as promised.
  • Superior milling - We hold mills to the narrowest specifications in the industry, turning away flour that doesn't meet our standards. Rather than trying to “enhance” inferior flour with chemical additives, we believe careful milling of premium wheat yields flour that performs better.
  • Responsiveness - Our responsiveness doesn't stop at our flour's performance, you will get it from our company as well. Call us and we can give you a real analysis of the very bag of flour you are opening—not just a product specification sheet. We can provide formulas, troubleshooting, and expert advice directly to you. How and why do we do this? We are a small team of employee-owners who love to bake and who love good baking. Your baking is an extension of our own.