Apple-Cranberry Bread Pudding

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Apple-Cranberry Bread Pudding

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Published prior to 2008

Celebrate the autumn harvest with this tangy-sweet, smooth and creamy bread pudding.

3/4 cup (2 3/4 ounces) dried cranberries
1 cup (2 1/2 ounces) chopped dried apples
1/2 cup (5 ounces) boiled cider or cinnamon cider syrup
1/2 cup (4 ounces) water
4 cups (32 ounces) milk (whole, low-fat, or nonfat)
5 large eggs
3/4 cup (5 1/4 ounces) sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 tablespoon grated orange rind or a few drops orange oil
5 cups (about 12 ounces) crouton-size bread cubes, fresh or stale

Preheat the oven to 325°F. Lightly grease an 8 1/2" x 11" or 9" x 9" pan, or a 2-quart baking dish.

Bring the cranberries, dried apples, boiled cider and water just to a boil in a microwave-safe bowl or sauce-pan. Remove from the heat, and set aside to cool.

Whisk together the milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla, salt, cinnamon, and grated rind. Stir in the softened fruit and bread. Let rest for about 15 minutes. Note: You can prepare the pudding up to this point and refrigerate, covered, overnight; then bake the next day.

Pour the pudding into the prepared pan. Bake for 50 to 60 minutes, until set and golden. Remove from the oven, and let the pudding rest for 10 minutes before serving. Serve with cinnamon whipped cream or ice cream, if desired. Yield: 10 servings.


  • star rating 04/12/2013
  • Lydia from Bellevue, wa
  • Yum! I made a few of my own edits but I served it at a potluck and everyone enjoyed it (or at least they were very polite). I used 1lb of old bread that made one layer on a 9x13" pan. Used 1 1/4 fresh Fuji apple instead if dried( Granny Smith would have been nice though). Skipped the cider concentrate and reduced the sugar to 1/2c instead. I was worried that it wouldn't be sweet enough but it was just right. I also let it soak overnight since I had used a harder crusty bread. The orange rind really came through though. I'll try to up the apple in the recipe next time though and actually use the apple concentrate or increase the amount of apples. Using fresh apples was nice though because they were just a little crisp after - which is a nice contrast to rich eggy bread pudding
  • star rating 11/27/2012
  • gaynellec from KAF Community
  • I've made this twice and love the taste. The one thing that is not clear about the recipe is the type of bread to use. Don't use anything light and fluffy; a more dense bread will work better. (King Arthur uses bread they have made to test this recipe.) I think that may fix the problem of excess milk that some have mentioned. I did not give it 5 stars because this info is not included in the recipe and it nearly ruined my second batch.
  • star rating 12/17/2009
  • Tianna from Central Coast, CA
  • I don't know if I should review this because I totally changed it, but I did use the same measurements for all the ingredients so here goes: I used my leftovers from the sweet version of the golden focaccia KAF recipe. Then I used 4 cups of store bought eggnog instead of the milk. I left out the dried cranberries because I already had raisins in the sweet focaccia. I used fresh apples instead of dried. I left out the water & apple juice/cider because I figured they were only used to plump & soften the dried fruit. I refrigerated the whole mix for about 1.5 hours and then popped it in the pre-heated oven. It took about 65 minutes and was still a little too runny on the inside. I think this was because it went in cold. Everything but the very middle was delicious and I will definitely make it again. Next time I will let it come to room temp before I bake it. Or I might increase the temp to 350. I served it w/ whipped cream flavored w/ rum extract & cinnamon.
    We love it when bakers share their experiments (successful or otherwise). Thank you! Frank @ KAF
  • star rating 10/25/2009
  • J. Berry from New Hampshire
  • I made this dessert for a fall dinner with friends and they all loved it! I agree with the first reviewer to reduce the milk to 3 cups because it definitely was too wet and watery at the bottom of the pan. The smell was fantastic. I did use fresh apples instead of dried because we have an over abundance of apple orchards in the area. It was devoured without any leftovers! Another addition we made was adding 1/2 teaspoon of King Arthur's egg nog flavoring! Outstanding!
  • star rating 01/13/2009
  • John Przypek from California
  • It is really a great tasting bread pudding. I highly recommend it. I did make one change the second time I made it ... I reduced the milk to 3 cups. I found that the pudding was much too wet using the four cups. It came out perfect then!