Lyle's Golden Pecan Pie

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Yield: 9" pie, 10 servings

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This slight twist on pecan pie is more subtly flavored than those made with dark corn syrup. Lyle's Golden Syrup lets the flavor of the pecans shine through. And butter-rum, butter-pecan, or vanilla butternut flavor brings this old favorite to new heights.

Lyle's Golden Pecan Pie

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Yield: 9" pie, 10 servings
Published: 09/24/2010



  • your favorite 9" single pie crust recipe, pressed into a 9" pie pan


  • 4 large eggs
  • 3/4 cup Lyle's Golden Syrup
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 3 tablespoons melted butter
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or 4 drops butter-rum, butter-pecan, or vanilla butternut flavor
  • 1 1/2 cups pecan halves, or coarsely chopped pecans

Tips from our bakers

  • This is a firm, easily sliceable pie. For a softer pie, use 3 eggs.


1) Preheat the oven to 400°F. Roll your crust, and fit it into a 9" pie pan. Chill, uncovered, while you prepare the filling.

2) In a medium-sized mixing bowl, beat together the eggs, syrup, sugar, melted butter, salt, and flavoring.

3) Stir in the pecans, and pour the mixture into the unbaked pie shell.

4) Bake the pie for 15 minutes, then reduce the oven heat to 300°F and bake for an additional 30 to 35 minutes, or until the edges have puffed and the center seems a bit wobbly, but not liquid.

5) Remove the pie from the oven, and cool completely at room temperature before slicing. If not serving soon, refrigerate till ready to serve.

6) If desired, warm individual slices briefly in the microwave before serving.

Yield: one 9" pie, 10 servings.


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  • star rating 12/17/2013
  • Karen from
  • I have baked this pie twice and it takes WAY longer to bake than the directions say. I am not sure if there needs to be more time at the 400 degree bake time or at the end. The pie tastes delicious, but maybe the bake time needs to be adjusted.
    Thank you for the feedback on the baking time! Glad you enjoy this recipe. Elisabeth@KAF
  • star rating 02/17/2013
  • memazzola from KAF Community
  • I've made this pie twice now instead of the usual corn syrup pecan pie and am a convert to Lyle's. My husband says he doesn't have a sore throat after eating a slice the way he does with pecan pie made with corn syrup.. It's still a very sweet pie but smoother and less harsh with Lyle's. I make it with 3 eggs and am happy with the texture. I am able to buy Lyle's locally at the supermarket so it's very convenient for me to use it.
  • star rating 11/20/2012
  • beezledog from KAF Community
  • This is a great pie! I too had to cook it longer than for what the recipe called.. But it turned out fabulous. I am wondering if you could use brown sugar instead of granulated, and if you could bake it at 325F for the entire time vice starting out at 400..and lowering the temp.
  • 11/18/2012
  • GraceNote from Tennessee
  • Terrific recipe. It is true that you can easily overcook a pecan pie . . . so if it's a bit jiggly in the center when you take it out, that's the way it should be. It will still "cook" and solidify more while it cools. You'll get the hang of it!
  • star rating 01/15/2012
  • Emma from CT
  • I can't believe how good this pecan pie is! I toasted the pecans for 5 minutes first, and I baked the at 400 for 15 minutes and then at 300 for about 43 minutes more (8 minutes more than instructed). After cooling, the pie was a bit runny in the very center but it was absolutely delicious and I wouldn't change a thing next time I make it - this will become my new go-to dessert! Amazing.
  • star rating 11/01/2011
  • jlightfritz from KAF Community
  • I use this recipe for pecan tartlets (tassies)....wonderful just ordered 2 more bottles of Lyle's syrup.....
  • star rating 08/20/2011
  • Cookie Munster from KAF Community
  • Have made this recipe with 3 and 4 eggs; both are fantastic- we prefer the 3 egg version. Occasionally, I substitute Kentucky bourbon (1-2 T) for the flavorings suggested. My future MIL was so impressed, it was worthy of mention in her holiday thank you card. Yeah, thank you KAF for now offering gram conversions!!!! Weighing ingredients down to the gram gives me more confidence. It's really control isn't ;o)
  • star rating 12/27/2010
  • cynthia20932 from KAF Community
  • My son is a pecan pie connoisseur, and he thought this was spectacular. We used 4 eggs, and let it cook longer, as it looked too jiggly in the center. I think I overcooked it though, and was not totally satisfied with the texture. It was not runny, but maybe too firm. I wonder if I would have more success if I cooked it to a certain internal temperature? We both loved the flavor!
  • star rating 12/14/2010
  • vibeguy from KAF Community
  • This recipe is terrific as is, and is also great made with macadamia nuts, using a tart shell.
  • star rating 11/26/2010
  • pattibos from KAF Community
  • I baked this pie yesterday for Thanksgiving and it was delicious! I followed the recipe exactly as written, except I found that the baking time was much longer then written; I ended up baking it for another 20 minutes, checking it at 6-7 minute intervals. At the end of 55 minutes, it was perfect; the filling was "set" and the crust was not too brown. Thanks for another amazing recipe!
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