No-Knead Harvest Bread

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dairy free, quick-n-easy
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Yield: 1 loaf

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Plan ahead for this easy bread—an overnight or all-day rise gives it terrific flavor. For the best crust, bake in a ceramic bread crock, or a covered clay baker.

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No-Knead Harvest Bread

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dairy free, quick-n-easy
Hands-on time:
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Yield: 1 loaf
Published: 01/01/2010


Tips from our bakers

  • Using Lancelot Hi-Gluten Flour, with its higher protein level, allows this bread to rise higher than it will with all-purpose flour.
  • Walnuts sometimes give this bread a faint purple tinge. If this bothers you, use pecans instead.


1) Mix the flours, salt, yeast, and water in a large bowl. Stir, then use your hands to mix and form a sticky dough.

2) Work the dough just enough to incorporate all the flour, then work in the fruit and nuts.

3) Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, and let it rest at room temperature overnight, or for at least 8 hours; it'll become bubbly and rise quite a bit, so use a large bowl.

4) Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface, and form it into a log or round loaf to fit your 14" to 15" long lidded stoneware baker; 9" x 12" oval deep casserole dish with cover; or 9" to 10" round lidded baking crock.

5) Place the dough in the lightly greased pan, smooth side up.

6) Cover and let rise at room temperature for about 2 hours, until it's become puffy. It should rise noticeably, but it's not a real high-riser.

7) Place the lid on the pan, and put the bread in the cold oven. Set the oven temperature to 450°F.

8) Bake the bread for 45 to 50 minutes, then remove the lid and continue to bake for another 5 to 15 minutes, until it's deep brown in color, and an instant-read thermometer inserted into the center registers about 205°F. Remove the bread from the oven, turn out onto a rack, and cool before slicing.

Nutrition information

Serving Size: 77g Servings Per Batch: 16 Amount Per Serving: Calories: 196 Calories from Fat: 49 Total Fat: 5g Saturated Fat: 1g Trans Fat: 0g Cholesterol: 0 Sodium: 293mg Total Carbohydrate: 33g Dietary Fiber: 3g Sugars: 7 Protein: 5g

* The nutrition information provided for this recipe is determined by the ESHA Genesis R&D software program. Substituting any ingredients may change the posted nutrition information.


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  • star rating 04/25/2015
  • Vera from Sharon, MA
  • Many of my friends and relatives would give this bread 10 stars if they could. I cannot count the number of times that I have made and gifted it. It is always such a hit and incredibly easy to make. Like any bread, however, you must make adjustments for your stove, the weather conditions, and your family's personal tastes. I recommend: 1) weigh your ingredients with an inexpensive kitchen scale. If you make a lot of bread, it is worth every penny. 2) add the cranberries, raisins, and nuts BEFORE adding the water, and toss with dry ingredients to combine. Everything mixes more evenly. 3) add additional water by tablespoons if the flour does not fully incorporate. I always have to. I add little by little until no dry flour remains in the bottom of my bowl. This will not be as sticky a dough as some of the other no kneads. Also go ahead and knead 10 or 15 times if this helps! Once you start getting consistently excellent loaves, you will know what the dough should look like and that will be your guide. 4) allow dough to rise until it is puffy. 12 hours is better than 8, but an even longer refrigerated rise always improves the flavor of any dough. 5) Using the long covered clay baker produces a better, more evenly cooked loaf than a dutch oven, without burning. FYI, the clay baker is essential for KAF's no knead oat bread, which is also fabulous. 6) I put the clay baker on my pizza stone and that seems to prevent any burn on the bottom.
  • star rating 03/10/2015
  • member-dfp12345 from KAF Community
  • Great recipe, although I made a few changes: - 1/3 KA whole wheat flour and 2/3 KA unbleached bread flour. - 1 tablespoon each of flax meal and wheat germ to add some fiber(50 grams total) - 50 grams more water to compensate for additional grains/whole wheat - almond slivers instead of walnuts (out of walnuts that day) -currents instead of raisins. (lower calories) Used a 9 1/2" cast iron Dutch oven. Sprayed with water before baking. Baked at temperature and time as per the original recipe. Allowed to cool in the oven with door open for 10 minutes. Turned out great. Thanks for the recipe.
  • star rating 02/09/2015
  • pause2shop from Vermont
  • Made a loaf this weekend and the results were amazing! What a wonderful loaf for toasting or snacking. I used APF and let it rise more than 8 hours on the first rise and a little more than 2 hours on the second rise. Family is already asking me to make again!! Another WONDERFUL recipe KAF - thank you!!
  • star rating 01/31/2015
  • Sandy from pa
  • This is a great loaf of bread. Made it with dried cherries, raisins, and pecans. I loved the cherries in it. It is great fresh and makes wonderful toast and french toast. The french toast was very good. It is worth making the recipe for just that reason.
  • star rating 01/16/2015
  • Sandy R from NM
  • I love this bread. It's so easy. I followed the recipe and baked in a long loaf covered pan and it was delicious.
  • star rating 01/06/2015
  • Sandy D from Prescott, AZ
  • Great flavor. Makes such good toast. This is definitely a loaf ideal for gifting.
  • star rating 12/20/2014
  • rpp from KAF Community
  • This is the best bread ever, flavor, texture, mouth feel.
  • star rating 11/30/2014
  • renorose from KAF Community
  • I used a whole tsp of yeast, all purpose flour and 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts with 1/2 cup KA harvest grains blend, and baked in KA's long covered baker- this was one terrific loaf of bread. Will definitely do this again.
  • star rating 10/01/2014
  • Corliss from MI
  • I volunteer as a cook for a large disaster relief organization. I tried this recipe and was wondering if there is any way I could adapt it to be cooked on a flat hotel pan. We don't have the specialized equipment...covered clay bakers etc. Usually all we have is a flat hotel pan or a bread pan. Is there any way we can adapt this recipe for this equipment? I tried the recipe as is. The bread did not brown...I baked at 350 degrees. The crust was husband liked that. Can you help? Thank you The original recipe called for the bread to be baked at 450, and the lower temperature may not have allowed the bread to brown as much. The dough is very wet and works better in a pan. I bet the loaf pans would be perfect. You might want to try adding the cranberries, raisins, and nuts to your favorite bread recipe instead. Happy baking! Laurie@KAF
  • star rating 07/31/2014
  • from KAF Community
  • This bread is not too sweet for us, and is so easy!!! I changed the recipe a bit...I used dried sweet cherries, the raisins, and chopped almonds. Because I am at 5,000' I also added some Vital Wheat Gluten. After mixing the dough in my KA, I plopped it in a bowl, covered it with plastic wrap, and put it in the refrigerator overnight. The next morning I formed it into a long log shape, covered it with Sparkling White Sugar, and carefully put the log in my new long covered baker with lid I bought from KAF. It sat on the kitchen counter for the final rise for about 3 hours. Into a cold oven it went, and it rose beautifully! Wonderful looking bread, and tastes great. Will go well with cream cheese....definitely am going to make this for Christmas gifts this year!! Thank you KAF-you did it again!!!
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