Sour Cream Rye Muffins

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Sour Cream Rye Muffins

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Published prior to 2008

If you love the rich flavor of rye bread–but balk at the long process involved in making a yeast loaf–you’ll enjoy these tender, moist muffins. Serve as your bread offering alongside soup or a hearty stew. Also, they’re reminiscent of rye toast, and thus pair delightfully with your breakfast eggs!

1 cup (4 1/4 ounces) King Arthur  Unbleached Bread Flour*
1 cup (3 5/8 ounces) rye flour–white,  medium, or dark*
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon deli rye flavor (optional, but delicious)
1 teaspoon onion powder (powder, not onion salt), optional
1 tablespoon mixed seeds: caraway, fennel, mustard, anise, or the seed blend of  your choice**, optional
2 tablespoons (1 ounce) brown sugar
1 small can (2.8 ounces) French fried onions (a scant 2 cups), first choice; or 1/4  cup (1 ounce) minced dried onions
1/4 cup (1 3/4 ounces) vegetable oil
1 cup (8 ounces) sour cream or plain yogurt, full-fat or low-fat (not nonfat)
2 large eggs

*Or substitute 2 cups (7 1/4 ounces) King Arthur Rye Flour Blend.

**Our Artisan Bread Topping (a mixture of flax, toasted sesame, black caraway, midget sunflower, poppy, and anise seeds) works well here.

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Line a standard muffin pan with 12 baking cups, and grease the cups.

In a mixing bowl, whisk together the flours, baking powder, baking soda, salt, deli rye flavor, onion powder, seeds, brown sugar, and onions.

In a measuring cup (or a separate bowl), whisk together the vegetable oil, sour cream or yogurt, and eggs. Stir the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients just until blended; the batter will be quite thick. Spoon into the prepared muffin cups.

Bake the muffins for 25 minutes, or until a cake tester inserted into the center of a muffin comes out clean. Remove the pan from the oven, and carefully tilt each muffin in its cup, to prevent the bottoms from steaming and becoming soggy. Serve warm. To reheat, wrap loosely in a paper towel and microwave briefly.
Yield: 12 muffins.


  • star rating 03/18/2010
  • KP from Toronto, Ontario
  • I used finely diced fresh onion, which I fried before adding to the dry ingredients. They are moist and delicious. For the seeds, I used 1 Tablespoon black sesame seeds and 1 Tablespoon poppy seeds.
  • star rating 02/27/2010
  • L. Anne from West Virginia
  • This recipe is just what I was looking for. These muffins are truly delicious and will become a favorite savory muffin recipe in our house. They are moist and tasty, and full of flavor. I did not use rye flavor, and substituted minced fresh onions for the French fried onions, and added a bit more than 1 Tablespoon of mixed seeds. Other than that, I stuck to the recipe. Thank you King Arthur!!
  • star rating 02/04/2009
  • Linda Irenegreene from New York City
  • Taste absolutely delicious. Gathering the ingredients was a bit disorganized since many are not standard in my kitchen. Used paper cups greased with KA spray. My muffins came out really small. I'm not sure if they didn't rise enough, or that I didn't use enough batter for each muffin or, that my baking powder and baking soda were too old. Did not affect the taste at all.