Turkey Stuffing Bread

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Turkey Stuffing Bread

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Published prior to 2008

This assertively seasoned bread is just the ticket for Thanksgiving. Bake it a couple of days beforehand, cut it into cubes, let dry a bit, and use it to stuff your turkey. Or toast to enjoy it as the main element in a turkey sandwich; you'll think you're eating turkey and dressing all over again!

This recipe comes from Donna Rathmell German's "Bread Machine Cookbook III." Though we print the recipe here as Donna gives it, we suggest using King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour, and tripling the amount of salt in either formula, as we feel more salt enhances the various flavors greatly. Enjoy!

Small (2+ cups flour)
2/3 cup water
1 small egg
2 tablespoons butter or margarine
1/4 cup diced onion
1 1/2 teaspoons granulated or brown sugar
1/3 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper
2/3 teaspoon dry sage
2/3 teaspoon celery seeds
1/2 teaspoon poultry seasoning
1/2 cup cornmeal
1 2/3 cups flour
1 teaspoon yeast

Large (3+ cups flour)
1 cup water
1 large egg
3 tablespoons butter or margarine
1/3 cup diced onion
2 1/4 teaspoons granulated or brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/3 teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper
1 teaspoon dry sage
1 teaspoon celery seeds
3/4 teaspoon poultry seasoning
2/3 cup cornmeal
2 1/2 cups flour
1 1/2 teaspoons yeast

Bake this bread on the regular (white bread) cycle of your machine, on a light or medium setting. Note: Don't use the delayed timer, as the presence of egg in the mix means you should prepare dough and bake right away.

Nutritional information per serving (1/8 of small loaf, 1/12 of large, 104 g): 286 cal, 4 g fat, 4 g protein, 24 g complex carbohydrates, 1 g sugar, 1 g fiber, 20 mg cholesterol, 125 mg sodium, 85 mg potassium, 1 mg iron, 50 mg calcium, 63 mg phosphorus

This recipe reprinted from The Baking Sheet Newsletter, Vol. III, No. 9, November 1992 issue.


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  • star rating 11/22/2014
  • Beth from Indiana
  • I have made this for years to make my thanksgiving dressing from. It is requested every year.
  • star rating 11/26/2013
  • southpondcamp from KAF Community
  • I love this recipe, this is my second year making it before Thanksgiving to use as a stuffing base. I'm going to make a second loaf this year for sandwiches as well. I added a bit more spices and used the higher amount of salt recommended (didn't have poultry spice so added the common components--nutmeg, marjoram, rosemary, sage, pepper). I also added another 1/3 c of flour to the dough as it was kneading in the machine as it seemed very wet this year.
  • star rating 12/22/2012
  • Zeva from Payson, Arizona
  • Made this in November 2012 three days before Thanksgiving specifically to make dressing. I altered the spices by using a packed tablespoon of very finely minced celery instead of seeds and omitted the poultry seasoning (something in it makes my husband's gut ache) and replaced it with about a teaspoon of powdered rosemary. Baked it, let it cool for a couple hours, sliced it into half inch slices, cubed it into 1 inch pieces, dried the cubes in the oven at about 200 degrees till they were dry but not toasted. They were light, airy and crunchy. I could actually crush them between my fingers, not like store bought cubes that take a hammer to smash. I stored them in a Ziploc bag till Thanksgiving day. These would have been great as they were for croutons for soup or salad or to make into seasoned bread crumbs. To make the dressing I used chicken stock, a cube of melted butter, more rosemary and sage, minced celery and onion, salt and pepper and granulated garlic, mixed it all up, adding more stock to moisten the cubes to the right consistency, gently put it into a casserole and did not smash it down too much and baked it till golden on the top. AWESOME! the bread itself had the perfect consistency for turning it into stuffing but there was none left to make sandwiches...but next time there will be! Oh, and the dressing is great cold too.
  • 11/20/2012
  • Cindy from Butler, Pa.
  • I'm in the rising process. I made the dough in my bread machine, but wanted to bake in my oven. It did smell good in the house while mixing, but the dough was very soft and sticky. I only added the amount listed in the recipe at first, but then kneaded in another half cup. Is it supposed to be a sticky dough? I hope it turns out because I didn't buy stuffing bread! I'll be back with a star rating as soon as it's baked.
  • star rating 11/16/2012
  • Sarah from Boston
  • I know I made this last year with your gluten free flour, but I failed to note how I changed the recipe. Any advice? Would it be better to just add the herbs to your regular GF bread mix? Help!
    Please give us a call on the baker's hotline for more detail on this, bread recipes are usually tricky to adjust between wheat and gluten-free flours. 800-827-6836. ~Amy
  • star rating 11/14/2012
  • Nicole from Colorado
  • I rate this 5 stars, even though my loaf fell a bit in the machine. I think it's my altitude though, and will experiment with the recipe a bit the next time I make it. I loved how this tasted JUST like stuffing. I'm definitely going to cube and freeze the leftovers!
  • star rating 08/14/2012
  • DeedeeF from KAF Community
  • Just made this for the first time today. Simply amazing! I've also read the reviews about it making good croutons. Maybe next time I'll use garlic parsley and rosemary, instead of the poultry seasoning and sage ...
  • star rating 01/18/2012
  • mikochub from KAF Community
  • My bread turned out wonderfully in my bread machine but for some reason it lacked a bit of flavor, maybe I could add more salt without ruining the bread?
    Adding another 1/4-1/2 tsp. of salt would be fine. ~Amy
  • star rating 12/22/2011
  • marshakmazz from KAF Community
  • This bread has become a family tradition at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We cook our turkeys unstuffed in the webber grill abd this bread makes a wonderful stuffing cooked alongside the turkey in the grill. This year, I'm making an extra loaf for turkey sandwiches.
  • star rating 12/19/2011
  • skmorrison from KAF Community
  • to quote my fiance, "this bread makes a fine crouton". We made it just because it sounded delicious. We used the 2 day old loaf to make salad croutons. So good.
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