Artisan Bread Baker's Gift

  • Artisan Bread Baker's Gift
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Send a delicious message. From Happy Holidays to Congratulations to Happy Birthday, for the hostess or for your just-married family member, a King Arthur gift basket sends the perfect delicious message.

What you get

Everything the family bread baker needs in nestled in a reusable coiled cane rising basket (brotform). King Arthur Alaskan Sourdough bread mix makes a crusty, chewy loaf. Our artisan bread topping seed mixture is the perfect complement; sprinkle on loaf before baking. Mini Danish dough whisk features an unusual design, perfect for mixing yeast dough. The final touch before baking—slash loaf with our razor-sharp dough slasher (lame).

Care & storage

Note: basket isn’t washable; simply tap against counter to remove excess flour when done.

More information

This set does not include a brotform liner.