Butter Keeper

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Discover the secret that butter-lovers everywhere know. Traditional water-sealed stoneware butter-keeper is a preserver. Keeps one 4-ounce stick of butter fresh and soft, ready for spreading. A perfect partner for your k.a.f. Sourdough crock on the counter.

What you get

Stoneware butter keeper with hollow lid and base. 3" x 3" Glazed inside and out.

Care & storage


More information

Instructions for use:

  • Pack 1 stick of butter into the well in the underside of the butter keeper's cover.
  • Add about 1" cold water to the base.
  • Place the lid into the base; the butter is now sealed from air by the water.
  • Leave butter keeper out on your counter or table for fresh, spreadable butter.
  • For best results, change the water in the keeper every 3 days.