Classic Simple Syrup - 25.4 fl oz.

  • Classic Simple Syrup - 25.4 fl oz.
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  • Cream-colored syrup is a key ingredient in party cocktails, including fizzes, lime rickeys, and juleps.
  • Flavor with liqueur (or not), and brush on cake or fruitcake.
  • Use to sweeten tea and coffee (iced or hot), too.
  • From Sonoma Syrup Company, a small California company producing handcrafted American specialty syrups.
What you get

Sugar syrup with a hint of vanilla. This vanilla-scented simple syrup, made from cane sugar syrup infused with just a hint of vanilla, is the universal bar mixer, and an essential ingredient for pastry chefs, who brush it on cake layers for extra moistness. 25.4-fl.-ounce bottle.