Diamond Hone 3-Stage Knife Sharpener

  • Diamond Hone 3-Stage Knife Sharpener
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Knives work better when they’re kept sharp. Using 100% diamond abrasives, this sharpener helps to create super sharp, double beveled edges on your knives. Manual sharpener allows you to create the perfect edges that you want on your blades. Tool is perfect for right- or left-handed users. 3 stages include Asian, Euro/American, and Polishing and Serrated. Comes with slip resistant rubber feet to hold fast to surfaces for better control.

What you get

Professional manual 3-stage sharpener. Quickly and easily restore traditional 20° edges on European and American style knives as well as a 15° edge on Asian style knives. Keep all your blades (serrated included) super-sharp, from your tiniest paring knife to your biggest and longest slicer. Made in the USA.

Care & storage

Rise in sink after use.