Double Dutch Dark Cocoa - 16 oz.

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A rich, dark blend of Dutch-process and black cocoas with complex superior flavor and color. For intense chocolate flavor in your brownies, cakes, or cookies, it's the ingredient we reach for first. And at just 10% fat, it's lower in calories and fat than solid chocolate.

What you get

Our #1 best-selling cocoa. Dutch-Processed. Comes in a 1-pound bag.

Dietary information
  • Kosher.
Care & storage

Store cool and dry for 1 year.

Test kitchen tips

Dutch-process or natural cocoa: which should you use, if your recipe doesnít specify? If the recipe doesnít include any leavening or uses baking powder, choose any cocoa: Either Dutch-process, or our Triple blend, which offers the best of both worlds. If the recipe uses baking soda, choose our Triple Cocoa Blend.

Ideal for all of your recipes calling for Dutch-process (European-style) cocoa; as well as icing, candy, and fudge sauce.

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