Dutch Oven - 4.5 Quart

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  • Cast iron heats fast and stays hot; its perfect for no-knead artisan breads requiring support as they rise and bake.
  • Domed lid with integral handle traps steam as bread bakes, creating a shiny, crackly crust.
  • Ideal for soup, stew, or a casserole, too.
  • Spiral bail handle on pot (and integral handle on lid) ease passage from counter to oven to cooling rack.
What you get

The Dutch oven you've longed for. Bake crisp-crackly crust artisan bread, or simmer a stew or casserole in this all-purpose Dutch oven. 9 inside dia. x 6 H (with lid). 11 dia. overall (with handles). Big 4 -quart capacity.

Care & storage

Pre-seasoned; ready to use right out of the box. YEAH!