Holiday Decorator’s Gift Set

  • Holiday Decorator’s Gift Set
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The holidays are about being with the ones you love. Host a cookie baking and decorating party using the tools in this set and create lasting memories. The cutters will give you your cookie “canvasses”, the silicone cups will keep your sugars organized, and the bags and ribbons will put the perfect finishing touches to your creations. As a bonus you can give up to eight guests a King Arthur Flour discount card with a rollout cookies recipe on the back.

What you get

Snowman, Snowflake, and Folk Boy cookie cutters, Silicone Cups, White Icing mix, Red and Green Sugar, 40 clear plastic bags, 40 raffia ribbons, and 8 King Arthur Flour discount cards, packaged up securely in an attractive (and reusable) King Arthur Flour wooden crate. Crate measurements are 9" x 11" x 5˝" deep. Made in the USA.

Test kitchen tips

Everything you need to launch a cookie swap.