Mini Silicone Pans - Set of 6

  • Mini Silicone Pans - Set of 6
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  • Perfect for big muffins and personal-size cakes.
  • Great for condiments, too.
  • Also serve as microwave butter melters!
What you get

Easy-to-clean silicone baking cups. 3" x 1" tall; scant ⅔-cup bakeable capacity. Stacking set of 6. -cup capacity.

Care & storage

Easy-to-use, easy-to-clean silicone.

More information

Featured in Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Baking 2007: "Exquisite, patisserie-style cakes are easily yours with these clever pans, a perfect nonstick solution to any single-serving dessert you make, especially chocolate lava cakes."