Pastry Tube Set

  • Pastry Tube Set
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For anyone who does a lot of frosting and pastry work, this tool can be your new best assistant. The heavy duty rigid tube holds mousse, pastry cream, frosting or batter, and has a geared trigger mechanism that dispenses smoothly while it feels great in your hand.

The clear tube with graduated measurements allows you to easily see the amount of batter remaining. This gadget is easier to fill and work with than a pastry bag and can be set so that just the right amount of batter or filling comes out with each press.

Easy assembly and disassembly makes clean up a breeze. Comes with one plain and one star nozzle.

What you get

Pastry Tube Set. 17” x 3¼”, 700ml/24 ounce capacity. BPA free. 1-year warranty. Made in France. Instructional booklet and DVD included.

Care & storage


Test kitchen tips

Spare tubes are available, so you can switch flavors or fillings quickly and easily.