Premium Hot Chocolate - 3 LB. Bag

  • Premium Hot Chocolate - 3 LB. Bag
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For those who love cocoa, this larger package of our delicious blend is a great addition to the pantry. Features Guittard chocolate, extra-fine sugar, and special dairy creamer.

What you get

Premium hot cocoa in a 3-pound bag. Approximately 12 servings of cocoa. Made in the USA.

Dietary information
Care & storage

Store cool and dry for 1 year.

Test kitchen tips

Make a large amount and store in a coffee carafe for easy cold-weather entertaining.

More information

Directions:Add 3 to 4 heaping tablespoons to hot milk, stir and enjoy.

Other fun things to add: espresso for a cup of mocha, marshmallows, whipped cream, cinnamon or crushed peppermint