Silicone Rolling Pin Rings

  • Silicone Rolling Pin Rings
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Precision is a good thing with all kinds of pastry. Dough that's uniform bakes evenly, and you get better results. Now you can roll an even thickness for anything from crackers to pie dough to croissants.

What you get

Handy color-matched pairs of silicone rings slip onto each end of a rolling pin to assure exactly the correct dough thickness as you roll, every time.

Fits pins with 2" to 3" diameter barrels. Set of 4: to roll ⅟₁₆", ⅛", and crusts.

Care & storage

Dishwasher safe.

Test kitchen tips

Start with the larger rings, roll your dough, and switch to smaller ones as you work until your dough is the thickness you want.