Sonoma Syrup - Mint

  • Sonoma Syrup - Mint
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Light-gold syrup is made from spearmint grown in Californiaís Sonoma Valley. Use in beverages like mint juleps, of course; but itís also wonderful drizzled over cake or fresh berries, or added to melted chocolate or confectionersí sugar to make a mint icing.

From Sonoma Syrup Company, a small California company producing handcrafted American specialty syrups.

What you get

This mint infused simple syrup, made from cane sugar syrup infused with spearmint leaves, is ideal for any number of mixed drinks (think mojito!). But it also pairs delightfully well with chocolate and other baking flavors. 12.7-fl.-ounce bottle.

Dietary information

No preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial flavors.