Sourdough & Crock Set

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It’s hard to find FRESH sourdough starter–not dried! Fresh starter is ready for use much quicker than its dry cousin.

And what a history this one has–it’s descended from a starter that’s been lovingly nurtured here in New England since the 1700s. Generations of bakers before you have made wonderful bread with a bit of this same bubbling brew.

Add in our handsome stoneware crock, the perfect size and material for fridge-storage, and you've got everything you need to start baking. 7½” tall, 1-quart capacity.

What you get
  • Just transfer fresh starter to crock, feed with flour and water, and you'll be ready to bake.
  • Crock is glazed inside and out to be perfectly non-reactive.
  • It's the perfect ID – never again mistakenly throw out your starter because you forgot what was in that unmarked mason jar!
  • Set comes with complete instructions and a recipe booklet for easy use.
Dietary information

Note: the fresh sourdough starter that comes in this set is processed in a facility that also packages products containing eggs, milk, soy, tree nuts, and wheat. DO NOT CONSUME RAW STARTER.

Care & storage

Crock is microwave-, oven-, and dishwasher-safe.

If you are giving sourdough starter as a gift... read this carefully. Feeding and caring for your sourdough is easy; but please note, it's important that you feed your starter within 24 hours of receiving it. Read our sourdough starter tips to see how.