The Baking Sheet: 1990 to 1999

  • The Baking Sheet: 1990 to 1999
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  • Our newsletter features wonderful recipes, stories, and answers to baking questions.
  • See how The Baking Sheet has evolved from its very earliest days (128 subscribers) through the years.
  • You’ll find 1,549 recipes – wow! – from a host of fabulous bakers: PJ Hamel, Brinna Sands, Robin Rice, Betsy Oppenneer, Maggie Glezer, Ali Scheier, Jane Ackerman, Marcy Goldman, Sue Gray, Robyn Sargent, many King Arthur employees and, of course, our readers.
  • Brinna and PJ write at length about sweeteners, types of yeast, artisan bread techniques, which flour to use, and many other subjects that can make you a better baker.
  • Don’t miss this vital addition to your collection.
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What you get

At last! Every issue of The Baking Sheet's first 10 years is now available in searchable PDF format on this CD.