The Baking Sheet, Early Spring 2011

  • The Baking Sheet, Early Spring 2011
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  • Cookies: Butter Date Bars, Gluten-Free Biscotti, Meringue Surprises, Sour Cream Chocolate Drops, Whole-Grain Magic Bars
  • Crackers: Scandinavian-Style Rye Crisp Bread
  • Dips and Spreads: Spinach and Onion Dip
  • Gluten-Free: Biscotti, Cornbread Soups and stews: Finnan-Haddie Stew, Irish Stew
  • Quickbreads: Almond Cream Muffins, Bacon-Studded Corn Bread and Muffins, Irish Parsley Dumplings, Maple Bran Muffins, Rory’s Irish Scones
  • Bread machine: Whole-Grain Crackerbreads
  • Yeast Breads: Fast Thin-Crust Pizza, Maple-Walnut Sourdough Bread, Mostly whole Wheat Sandwich Bread, Sandwich Rounds, Turkish Sesame Bagels, Scandinavian-Style Rye Crisp Bread
  • Color, 8˝ by 11 format, 24 pages
What you get

The Baking Sheet written by Susan Reid, Mary Tinkham, Allison Furbish, Julie Christopher and Robyn Sargent. Inside you’ll find the first tastes of spring, with maple in your muffins and a lovely walnut sourdough, also dishes to help celebrate St. Patrick’s Day: Irish Stew, scones, and parsley dumplings.

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