The Baking Sheet, Holiday 2009

  • The Baking Sheet, Holiday 2009
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  • Cookies: Chimney Sweeps, Danish Almond Rusks, Double Frosted, Double Shot Bourbon Brownies, Fresh Cranberry Bars, Italian Christmas Cutout Cookies, Simple Cookie Glaze, Soho Globs, Toffee Fruit Squares, Vanilla Hearts.
  • Desserts: Date Pudding.
  • Pastry: Apple Cream Cheese Tart .
  • Pies: Chocolate Fudge, Quakertown Shoo-Fly Savory side Dishes: Onion-Apple Stuffing.
  • Quickbreads: Grated Apple Fritters.
  • Bread machine: Cardamom-Scented Cranberry-Almond Spirals.
  • Yeast Breads: Dutch Christmas Bread, Early Colonial Bread, Grandma’s Oatmeal Bread, Potato Rolls, State Fair Dried Fruit Focaccia, Swedish Rye Bread, Whole Wheat Challah.
  • Color, 8" by 10 1/2" format, 32 pages.
What you get

The Baking Sheet our biggest issue ever, filled with ideas for Thanksgiving delights, Hannukah treats, and holiday cookies. Written by Susan Reid, Mary Tinkham, Rebecca Faill, Allison Furbish, Julie Christopher and Robyn Sargent.