Yogurt Maker Deluxe Set

  • Yogurt Maker Deluxe Set
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  • Flavor each as you like.
  • just use fresh yogurt.
  • Features a timer that automatically shuts off unit when time is complete.
  • Set includes an additional stacking tier, to make up to 14 jars of yogurt at once; and 8 additional glass jars.
  • Pssst! Make your own frozen yogurt...
What you get

Electric yogurt maker takes away all the guesswork. Make seven 6-ounce glass containers at once. 3-year warranty.

Test kitchen tips

If youíve made yogurt in the past, and havenít liked the texture, try this yogurt maker: it yields firm, spoonable yogurt, perfect for eating OR baking. Now, buy the deluxe set, and double your yogurt output instantly!