You Can Bake a Difference!

Learn, bake, and share in your community! For the month of March, in partnership with the City of Gaithersburg's Hunger Awareness Month, King Arthur Flour is offering FREE baking programs throughout the city and in schools to inspire individuals, families, and businesses to spread the joy of baking—and to help make positive social change through even a single loaf of bread.

There are lots of ways to participate—here's how you can join us!

Step 1. Attend a free community baking demonstration or find a new recipe!

Step 2. Share your baked goods.

to the Hungry

Donate your homemade baked goods to one of the many hunger relief organizations in Gaithersburg. Find a list at

**Not all organizations accept homemade food, please call ahead to check.

and Spread Joy

Sharing homemade baked goods with people you love is a simple but powerful way to brighten the world around you. Give your baked goods to a friend, a co-worker, your local librarian, a teacher at your children's school, your family, or anyone who makes your world a better place.

Step 3. Make it Count! Pledge to help us reach our goal of 1,000 donations.

Fill out our online pledge form.

The City of Gaithersburg supports many organizations that help to feed and house those in need.
To learn more and figure out how you can get involved, visit