Bake For Good Kids

What is Bake for Good: Kids?


Kids learn to make bread from scratch. Math + science + reading + baking know-how = something delicious!


Kids bake. They practice their new skills and use ingredients we provide to bake bread or rolls.


Kids share within the community, and give part of their baked goods to those in need. (They keep some to enjoy!)

Students participating in our Bake for Good: Kids program share what it feels like to bake and give to those in need.
"I feel proud when I hand my bread in...
I feel like I'm helping someone."
- Student, Lafayette School, Chatham, NJ

How can your kids participate? Choose the option that best fits your group.

In-School Demonstration
In-School Demonstration
  • 50+ kids, grades 4-7
  • BFGK instructor visits your school
  • We provide flour and materials; kids bake at home and donate a loaf
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In-School Demonstration
Self-Directed Group Baking
  • 5-50 kids, grades 4-12
  • Kids watch BFGK video
  • We provide flour and materials; kids work in teams, bake together with you, and donate rolls
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