This afternoon our Listen Center community service team is in full swing. King Arthur is nestled in the midst of an area called the Upper Valley. The valley surrounds the junction of the Connecticut and White Rivers, and includes towns on either side of the Vermont and New Hampshire state boundary. We feel lucky to be here, and take our responsibilities to our neighbors seriously. King Arthur holds the following as one of its core values: “We strive to serve, educate, and inspire those around us.” That statement is supported by company policies: we’re each entitled to 40 hours per year of compensated time for community service. Today it’s a dinner, purchased, cooked, and delivered to the Listen Center, a mile down the street. Listen’s mission?
“To provide services and support to meet the critical needs of Upper Valley individuals and families.” That means feeding the hungry, and that’s where the team knows how to help.
PJ rolled in this morning with a cart piled sky high: two hams, a boatload of potatoes, chicken, stuffing mix, salad fixins, corn and peas. Sue Gray started baking desserts yesterday; they’re wrapped and ready to go on the cart.

Sue marinated the chicken in soy, honey, ginger and garlic; she also chopped onions and celery for the stuffing, and cooked it in butter.


When everything was assembled, it went into roasting pans, ready to bake.

The hams and scalloped potatoes are in the oven, and Sarah Prunk is putting together the salad.


Sarah works with our vendors to source and purchase the items you find in The Baker’s Catalogue, including the wardrobe accessory you see her in: Onion Goggles. She’s also using the Zyliss Safety Mandoline from our catalogue.


Monte’s slicing the ham, Karen Colberg is setting up cheese and crackers.



PJ is checking on the potatoes:


Time to load the carts:


PJ's coat is on; time to load the cars.

How did it go?

PJ gave this summary in our company newsletter: "… another successful Listen Center community dinner last night at St. Paul's Church in Wilder. The team prepared and served a tasty hot meal to about 35 Upper Valley residents, and filled probably equal that number of takeout containers to be delivered to shut-ins. King Arthur is known in this program for its delicious dinners; last night's included cheese and crackers, salad and dressing, fresh rolls from our bakery (thanks, bakers!), baked ham, baked chicken with stuffing, corn, peas, potato casserole, milk, and juice. For dessert: the test kitchen and CSR-land's finest, including M&M cookies, chocolate cake, cinnamon muffins, and beautifully decorated cupcakes.
Please raise a toast to last night's community dinner team for their cheerful energy, hard work, and giving spirit: Patti Vaughan (yes, even while she's on vacation!), Patty Hudson, Sarah Prunk, Karen Colberg (and daughter Sivi), Monte Peterson, Sue Gray, Barb Sleeper, Janet Matz, Matt Marrazzo, Suzanne McDowell (and son Finn), and Kathy Wright who, though not an official team member, lent a hand at the very end to make sure we got to the dinner on time."

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