Have you ever thought about how you could help others by putting your passion for baking to work?

Here at King Arthur Flour, we place a great deal of emphasis on what we call “stewardship:” that means, among other things, being responsible caretakers of our community and our environment.

As employee-owners, we spend time volunteering for projects like making and serving community dinners to folks in need right here in our backyard; and our Life Skills program teaches kids to bake and then share their bread with local food pantries.

We do what we can – but we know that our hundreds of thousands of customers, if each of you baked just once for a good cause, could make a HUGE positive impact. So we always love to hear about the creative ways our customers and fans use baking in service to others.

We recently learned of a 12-year-old from North Carolina, Casey Sokolovic, whose enthusiasm in both baking and being a good steward of the environment came together into an event she’s calling The Great Bake for Oceans’ Sake. It’s a wonderful example for all of us of how home bakers – even kids! – can use their hobby for the greater good.

Casey is organizing a coast-to-coast, simultaneous bake sale – kicking off July 9, National Sugar Cookie Day, and continuing throughout the month – to raise money for the care of marine animals affected by the Gulf oil spill. Proceeds of The Great Bake for Oceans’ Sake will benefit the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Casey’s passion for marine animals was inspired by a school field trip to a sea turtle rescue center in Topsail Island, N.C. After seeing injured and sick sea turtles, Casey developed an awareness program called “Help Them L.A.S.T., Love A Sea Turtle.” Around the same time, Casey discovered her love of baking, and she now bakes and sells turtle-shaped sugar cookies at her school, farmers’ markets, and other events and donates the proceeds to the sea turtle rescue.

The Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in late April - and the resulting and ongoing oil spill - gave Casey the impetus to take her bake sale nationwide, raising even more money to help in the rescue and rehabilitation of marine animals in the Gulf. Casey’s Web site includes everything you need to know to participate in The Great Bake for Oceans’ Sake, from sugar cookie recipes to how to organize and spread the word about your own bake sale.

Casey says folks in Florida, California, and Wisconsin will participate in The Great Bake for Oceans’ Sake, and she hopes more will join in. “A thousand would just be great,” she says.

So, whether it’s getting on board with The Great Bake for Oceans’ Sake or something else entirely, we hope Casey’s story will inspire you to turn your baking prowess toward making the world a better place. After all, what could be better than following your passion and helping someone else, all at the same time?

Leave a comment below to let us know how you put your baking to work for others. The more ideas we all have, the more we can do!

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