Red for the cherries, white for the crust and the whipped cream on top, and you, because King Arthur wants you... to bake a pie!

Remember Washington's Birthday? Way back when, it was a sort-of school holiday (I confess being old enough to celebrate Washington’s birthday on the actual date, instead of the now calendar-convenienced President’s Day). These days I remember the Father of Our Country mostly for his effect on the Mother of Our Family.

Mom made this cherry pie every year, mostly because a) who doesn’t like cherry pie? and b) it was fun to have an annual reason to bake one.

Today is National Cherry Pie Day, and even though the story of  young George, his hatchet, and the cherry tree was likely a work of fiction on the part of Parson Mason Weems, Americans have spent more than 200 years with the association, and frankly, it has stuck.

Which is fine with me, because I am a firm believer in pie in general, and Cherry Pie in particular.

Pie is important to us at King Arthur. It's one of the main subjects we teach on our Traveling Baking Demonstrations.

That's me going after an apple pie, somewhere in... Ohio? Colorado? Oregon? Someplace like that. I love all the places I travel to, but I remember the people much more than I do the hotel ballrooms.

Pie scares people. Not eating it, but making pie crust. It's one of what we call the "Grand Canyons" of baking. Something they admire, revere, and love to eat, but they see the distance between their two hands and the pie crust they have on a pedestal in their heads as being a gulf greater than said geographical feature. That's one of the reasons we make it part of our demonstrations: to help people close that gap.

If you can't get to a demo, and want your own personal, detailed tutorial, check out our Pie Essentials DVD.

I made every pie and type of crust I could fit into 75 minutes. Long, medium, and short-flake crusts. Oil crusts. Crusts with coconut oil, vegetable oil, and lard. I show how to mix, roll, decorate, crimp, blind bake, and make a slab pie. Among other things.

We decided we should spread the word about today's theme with some help from some of our favorite bloggers, all of whom care about baking and good food as much as we do. Since you're reading this, we think you'll also be interested in what they write and bake. Each of them is also featuring cherry pie in some way today. Here's our shout-out to a collection of wonderful bloggers:

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Give these guys a visit. You'll be rewarded with some great ideas about food for your family. And possibly win some toys to make pie.

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