Cake time! Do I have your attention?

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Just for fun, we invited a few of our blogger friends to play around with cake this month. We sent them some key ingredients and tools (including our Cake Essentials DVD and Unbleached Cake Flour) and asked them to go where their inspiration took them. And you're going to love the results as much as we do, I'm sure of it!

Let's start with Haniela's Woodland Rose Cake, shown above. This recipe uses simple techniques to make a cake elegant enough for any special occasion, yet easy to whip up without spending a whole day on it.

Bonus: Hani offers an awesome video tutorial to walk you through the process!

Next up, Raspberry Ombre Cake with Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting from Eva at Adventures in Cooking. This cake is gorgeous, and I love the idea of using dried fruit powder to add graduated flavor and color to the cake itself. This one is definitely a more time-consuming project – but some occasions are worth that extra effort.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have a No-Bowl Double Mocha Snack Cake from Tara at Smells Like Home. It really doesn't get any simpler than this – a cake so easy you can mix and bake it right in the pan "almost faster than it takes to get a nonfat vanilla latte." It's moist, rich, and perfect for those days you just need cake. (It's OK; we all have them.)

And finally, Classic Yellow Cake with Mascarpone Frosting and Coconut from Chef Dennis. I love his honesty about his challenges – and as a fellow terrible-cake baker, I applaud his perseverance! We both need to spend some more time with the cake DVD... In any event, I think you'll agree that his final effort would be a delicious and festive addition to a seasonal celebration – let your decorating imagination run wild!

I see some cake baking in my near future. How about you? Be sure to visit each blog to read the full post – and enter to win a great cake prize package.

Want more? Join our cake decorating Hangout on Google+ next Wednesday (April 3) to learn essential techniques for stunning cakes. Susan Reid, editor of The Baking Sheet and star of the Cake Essentials DVD, will show us the ropes and answer your questions; plus we'll give away a copy of the Cake Essentials DVD. See you then!

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