Once upon a time in the land of Arthur, magical abilities existed. Merlin could turn the pages in his book of spells with a wave of his hand.

Centuries later, the wondrous alchemy that is baking is available to us the same way. It’s a different sort of book, but pretty much the same hand gesture, and equally magical.

In 1990, Brinna Sands and PJ Hamel began a simple newsletter called The Baking Sheet. They filled it with stories, recipes, discussions, and all things baking.


While many of you have been Baking Sheet fans for years, many more of you have been asking for an electronic version. We heard you.

Suzie from Wilton, CA speaks for a lot of you about The Baking Sheet: love it...great ideas, great baking and a wonderful inspiration!!!! Would love, love, love to see it digital on my iPad, that would make it rule!!!!!

For 2 years now, I’ve been researching, planning, and investigating. For the last 6 months, expanding circles of King Arthur employee-owners have been hard at work getting all the behind the scenes gears to mesh properly, so we can put every Baking Sheet issue where you want it: on your computer, tablet, and phone. Twenty-three years and more than 3,500 recipes later, we’re pleased to introduce you to The Digital Baking Sheet.

On your desktop,




or phone.


Now you can read every issue of The Baking Sheet on the electronic device of your choice. Already a subscriber and want to check it out? If we have your correct (current) email address, you should already have received an email that's inviting you to view the Spring issue. If you didn't get that email, please contact us, so we can add your new email address.

Want to use your computer to explore? After buying a subscription, you'll get 2 emails. One will confirm your order, like always, and the other will send you a link to the web address where the Digital Baking Sheet can be found. When you get that email, click where it says "Click Here", and you'll be taken to the web platform for your computer.


After you click on the link, a screen will come up asking you to log in with your email address. It looks like this:


Click on the "sign in" box, enter your email address, and you'll be taken to the cover of the current issue, and have access to everything.

Important note: If you download the app before buying from us, and decide to purchase from inside the app, your access to the back issues won't be automatic. We'll need your email (customercare@kingathurflour.com) address to provide access and there will be a delay (up to 48 hours) while we put your access in place.

 Desktop first look

Have a tablet? If it's an iPad, go to the iTunes App store, or click on the Apple icon at the bottom of the email to download the app. Have a Kindle? Amazon has the app for you. Other non-Apple devices and phones? Find the app in GooglePlay. If you have more than once device, simply download the app on each one. Your email address will work as your login no matter which one you're using.


We knew if we were going to bring this to you, we had to bring the whole enchilada. To make all that material useful, we first had to make a list. A big one. So much so, we’ve affectionately named it “the Beast.” It’s an index, by category, of every recipe, back from the beginning in 1990. It's over 100 glorious pages long.



We had a unique feature built into the app and desktop versions. You can browse the cake section –



or scroll through yeast breads –


then touch or click on any recipe that interests you, and be taken, rather magically, to the recipe inside its issue. You can also scroll back in time through the issues and browse at leisure that way. On a desktop, you'll find a tab on the left that says "back issues."


Click on that to see them displayed. The left navigation bar will look like this:


Drag the blue slider down to browse back in time; click on any issue you want to open it.

On the iPad, once you download the latest issue, you'll see a series of dots underneath the cover that indicates there are more pages. Swipe the screen right to left, and you'll see the image below, with the Beast, er, index leading the way.


Merlin would approve, we think. During the time you're a current subscriber, you'll have access to all of these recipes and issues. That's more recipes than in all these cookbooks combined.


If you’d still rather turn a page than swipe or click, don’t worry. In this case, you can have things both ways. We're offering a combined print and digital subscription, and you can still have the paper subscription that's always been available.

Carol from Hanover, MA

I applaud digital fans for consolidating their data. But there are still those of us who love turning pages---newspapers, magazines, and, yes, the Baking Sheet. I keep past issues in a binder and often browse through them for something I meant to try but haven't yet. The dozen or pages in each issue contain more usable, exciting recipes than many cookbooks.

bs-combinedNow you can check a recipe's ingredients on your phone while you're grocery shopping; show (or share) your favorite recipes, and bring your favorite Baking Sheet stories, recipes, and how-to information along when you're traveling or visiting friends.

Gwen and I have spent a lot of time getting reacquainted with the wonderful recipes and writing that Brinna and PJ did in the earlier years of the title's existence.

So much so that Gwen has taken on the challenge of exploring the material, and baking her way through new (for her) techniques and skills – with a little coaching from yours truly. This week she took on puff pastry from scratch, and she'll be telling you about her adventures in the treasure trove of Baking Sheet archive recipes as the year goes on.


One last thing: the nuts and bolts. A paper subscription continues to cost $21.95 per year. A digital-only subscription is the same. Combined subscriptions (paper + digital) will be $26.95 – which is still less money than any one of those cookbooks you saw in the pile above, for 10 times more recipes.

As time goes on and we get our newest project on its feet, we'll be able to add enhanced content to our digital versions, including videos and how-to slide shows. It's an exciting time, and we hope you're as fired up for our new digital version as we are.

There's an awful lot of treasure in this great new archive, just waiting for you to take it up and bring it alive. Join us in the pure joy (and magic) of baking.

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