Guess what?

Yesterday marked the start of our "new look" blog. We've been working for over a year to identify and implement improvements that we believe will afford you a more interesting, pleasing, and inspiring experience.

First of all, we've made better use of our photos. We eat with our eyes, right? So a greater number of better, brighter pictures are an enormous plus, one we hope will entice you to dig out the mixing bowl, open the flour canister, and turn on the oven regularly.


Next, we've improved search (i.e., it's easier to find what you're looking for). Racking your brain trying to figure out where that Brooklyn cheesecake blog post is, the one showing all the steps? Rack no more. Simply type "cheesecake" in the search box atop any blog page, and you'll quickly find that special post you're looking for.


Happily, our new format for leaving feedback lets you speak to one another – reader to reader – all in one "conversation," rather than in separate, disconnected comments. So when Cindy wants to share with Sue her special method for roasting pumpkin, she can – right there in the same comment block.


And for all of you tablet (e.g., iPad) and mobile (smartphone) users out there, great news: our new design is both phone and tablet friendly. No more tiny words and scrunched-up photos; check this post on your phone, and you'll see what we mean.

But don't worry, desktop computer users; we haven't sacrificed any of the commodious space on your screen in order to accommodate our mobile users. Instead, you'll find that we've used even more of the side-to-side width of your monitor than we used to – the better for you to see every detail of that butter melting atop the blueberry pancakes! All of that said, we're currently experiencing an issue with the width of photos compared to copy; so understand we're identifying ways to smooth out the somewhat "raggedy" look you might see while perusing a blog post.


Finally, we've changed our blog's name. Maybe you didn't even know the King Arthur Flour blog had a name; it went through a couple of title changes in its six years of existence before we simply stopped using any official name.

But now, with its rebirth, our blog has a brand new name, one we think represents all of our wishes for both the blog, and King Arthur Flour: Flourish.

Maybe you read it "flour"ish, as in flour. And indeed, that's part of it.

But we're thinking Flourish as in nourish, which is what we all strive to do with one another every day, isn't it? Each time we bake a loaf of bread, a batch of cookies, a birthday cake, we nourish our families, our friends, our communities, and everyone with whom we share the bounty of our kitchens.

Our blog's new identity reflects King Arthur's mission to not only inspire your baking, but to help you, our readers, be the best you can be – in your kitchen, your home, and your community.

May we all Flourish!

We'd love your feedback on our blog's new look; please add your comments below. Thanks!

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