What's the ONE thing you simply have to bake for Thanksgiving every year?

You know, your signature dish; the pumpkin pie, or cranberry bread, or even the stuffing that everyone demands of you. You might get tired of making it - but show up at your brother-in-law's without it, and I tell you, Mr. Man, you're in deep... trouble.


My #1 most-requested baked treat, hands down, is dinner rolls. These moist, soft, white-flour dinner rolls, melted butter lending their crust a satiny sheen, have over-the-top flavor. They're the ultimate mild-mannered sop to the eclectic array of multiple flavors and textures that's a hallmark of everyone's Thanksgiving dinner plate. I bring pie. I bring cranberry cake. But the dinner rolls are a REQUIREMENT.

Pictured above is a new favorite, something that our test kitchen director, Sue Gray, conjured up this week. She took our Pumpkin Streusel Cake Mix and, instead of making it into a filled bundt-style cake, she simply spread it in a pan and made one heckuva yummy streusel-topped pumpkin coffeecake.

We totally chowed down on this coffeecake in the test kitchen last week. (Don't worry - we shared with customer service, IT, and the merchandise team, too!) So if you've been charged with providing Thanksgiving breakfast - give this a look-see.

But back to my original question: What are YOU baking for Thanksgiving? Tell us about your Thanksgiving specialties, your personal favorite dish, memories, anything and everything having to do with Thanksgiving baking.

Thanksgiving is all about sharing. Please share you story: with us here at KA, and with your thousands of fellow blog readers. Personally, I'm looking forward to finding another MUST BRING to add to my dinner rolls – how about you?

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