Baking with ancient grains: Buckwheat Flour
baking with ancient grains:

Buckwheat Flour

Buckwheat flour is hearty, gluten-free, and a good source of magnesium, copper, and dietary fiber. We enjoy its health benefits, but also turn to it again and again for its bold, nutty flavor.

  • Flavor: Bold, toasty, and rich.
  • Texture effect: Moist and tender in small amounts; chalky in larger quantities.
  • Works best in: Pancakes and quick breads.
  • Gluten free: Yes.

Try buckwheat flour in your kitchen.

How to incorporate buckwheat flour into your baking

As with many ancient grains, buckwheat flour is versatile enough to substitute for all-purpose or whole wheat flour in many standard recipes. To find the best combinations, our test kitchen bakers took five of our most popular recipes and replaced a portion of the all-purpose flour with buckwheat flour. The results were delicious. Some recipes came alive with a full substitution: 100% buckwheat, 0% all-purpose flour. Others worked best at 50% or 25%. Here are our full findings for pancakes, scones, cinnamon bread, banana bread, and muffins. Learn more about the testing process on our blog

Buckwheat in Pancakes

We found a 50% buckwheat and 50% all-purpose flour combination the most appealing. You'll enjoy buckwheat's distinctive flavor in a fluffy, moist pancake. At 100% buckwheat, pancakes will be dry and somewhat sandy, with assertive buckwheat flavor.

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Buckwheat in Scones

Scones made with 25% buckwheat flour will be moist and tender, and have delicate buckwheat flavor. Beyond 50%, scones will have a pronounced "grassy" note, and chalky texture.

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Buckwheat in Cinnamon Bread

Substituting buckwheat 25% for all-purpose flour creates a cinnamon yeast bread with soft, fluffy texture and mild buckwheat flavor. A 50% buckwheat substitution offers more flavor, but the loaf won't be quite as lofty, and will have a crumbly, chalky texture. Avoid a 100% buckwheat flour substitution in yeast bread.

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Buckwheat in Banana Bread

Our favorite buckwheat banana bread is 50% buckwheat flour, 50% all-purpose flour. We love how moist the loaf is, and buckwheat's flavor complements banana beautifully. A 100% buckwheat banana loaf offers texture too chalky for our taste, but its flavor is compelling.

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Buckwheat in Muffins

Substituting buckwheat flour 25% in muffins seems to yield the best results: muffins are moist yet light in texture, with enjoyable buckwheat flavor. As you increase the amount of buckwheat beyond 25%, muffins become drier and chalkier.

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