Sourced Non-GMO Program

Sourced non-GMO mark

To provide consumers with accurate information, we have instituted a program to identify the GMO content (or lack thereof) in the food we produce. We call it "Sourced Non-GMO." When we label a product "Sourced Non-GMO," you can be assured that the product has been manufactured with ingredients that are non-GMO from their seed.

Based on Experience

In the absence of a US standard, we have chosen to base our program on the standards of the European Union (EU) regarding GMO ingredients. The EU has some of the strictest GMO regulations in the world, and they have been in place for more than 10 years.

The European Union has a comprehensive and strict legal regime on genetically modified organisms and food and feed made from, consisting of or containing GMOs. [1]

Check here for a complete run-down of the EU regulations. King Arthur Flour also has a GMO-Labeling FAQ available online.

GMOs in King Arthur Flour products

Wheat flours

Sourced Non-GMO – Our wheat flour is milled from wheat grown in the United States, where there is no commercial production of GMO wheat currently happening.

Gluten free products

Sourced Non-GMO – All ingredients in our gluten-free products are non-GMO, and will carry the Sourced Non-GMO label in the coming year.

Baking mixes and ingredients

Consistent with our focus on transparency, we are working to make these products compliant with our Sourced Non-GMO program.