Sprouted Wheat Guide
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Sprouted Wheat

The what, why, and how of King Arthur's favorite new flour

Why sprouted wheat?

Sprouting wheat berries before milling unlocks their nutritional benefits. The result is a healthy, higher-fiber flour that gives you all the goodness of whole grains with a milder, lighter taste.

Sprouted wheat flour has long been a niche ingredient for bread bakers — but recently it's begun appearing in mainstream recipes reaching well beyond bread. Why has this flour suddenly become popular? And how do you bake with it? Read on.

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What exactly IS sprouted wheat flour, anyway?

Our sprouted wheat flour begins with whole wheat berries, the seed from which a new wheat crop can be grown. The berries are misted with water, then briefly allowed to sprout in a controlled environment: just until the sprout cracks the seed's bran layer. These sprouted seeds are dried, then milled into flour.

How do you bake with sprouted wheat flour?

Sprouted wheat flour behaves similarly to whole wheat flour in baking. We recommend substituting it 1:1 for whole wheat flour; or substituting it for 50% of the all-purpose flour in your recipe.

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