King Arthur CEO, Steve Voigt, to Resign – Senior Executive Team Will Lead Company

King Arthur Flour announces a transition in leadership via the following letter from the company’s employee-owners:

King Arthur Flour’s success over three centuries comes from sticking to the things that matter – our core values – while embracing an ongoing commitment to change. Today is one of those key moments of change.

After 15 years as CEO, shepherding King Arthur Flour from a small family-owned business, to a very successful 100% employee-owned ESOP and Benefit Corporation, Steve Voigt has decided to resign effective June 30, 2014 to pursue his passion for advancing ESOP, B-Corp and Benefit Corporation causes in other companies and business schools. King Arthur Flour’s four senior leaders will fill Steve’s role and will unite as the Leadership Team to lead the company in its next phase of growth.

Experience and continuity are at the heart of the selection of Michael Bittel, Ralph Carlton, Karen Colberg, and Suzanne McDowell to lead the company. Our Board of Directors felt that individually and collectively this team is committed to the company’s vision to build community through baking and to the core values of passion, employee-ownership, quality, community, and stewardship. As the architects of our strategy and the leaders of our people and operations, they will passionately pursue our current strategies and plans. They are dedicated to ensuring the growth of King Arthur Flour for generations to come.

Together the Leadership Team has 40 years of experience leading King Arthur Flour. Michael serves as Senior Vice President and General Manager of our Wholesale businesses and manufacturing operations. Ralph is our Chief Financial Officer and heads IT. Karen is our Chief Marketing Officer and oversees our Catalogue and Retail businesses. Suzanne leads our Human Resources function. Going forward, they will guide the company in all its endeavors while retaining their current responsibilities. They have worked closely together to lead the company over many years, and are well prepared to lead as one in this new collaborative management structure.

We celebrate Steve Voigt’s role as a pivotal leader in King Arthur Flour’s history. After joining in 1992, he became CEO in 1999 and engineered and led the transition from a family company to one of the country’s most respected 100% employee-owned businesses. At the same time, he led the company’s growth from a small, respected regional player to a cherished national brand. Fittingly, Steve is leaving to pursue his passion of helping younger ESOP’s and Benefit Corporations realize their full potential. These companies will be lucky to have Steve’s guidance and support.

As a company of employee-owners committed to the highest quality and the greater good, King Arthur Flour is healthy, strong, and well positioned for continued growth. We aspire to flourish with the utmost respect for our customers, unflagging commitment to quality, dedication to each other, the employee-owners, and belief that doing the right thing will propel us for another 200 years.

As we have for our entire history, we look forward to continuing to earn your respect and trust.

The Employee-Owners of King Arthur Flour

About King Arthur Flour

Celebrating its 225th Anniversary, King Arthur Flour is America's oldest flour company and premier baking resource, offering ingredients, mixes, tools, recipes, educational opportunities, and inspiration to bakers everywhere since 1790. The company's high-quality flour is available in supermarkets nationwide. Additionally, more than 1,000 tested and trusted baking tools and ingredients are available through King Arthur Flour's Baker's Catalogue, online at, and at The Baker's Store in Norwich, Vermont. King Arthur Flour has been 100% employee-owned since 2004 and became a founding B (Beneficial) Corporation in 2007.