Gluten-Free Sugar Cookie Mix

Gluten-Free Sugar Cookie Mix

We're sweet on this mix. Gluten-free bakers, rejoice! Now perfect cookies at home are simple to make with our excellent mix. It saves you time and ensures that every batch is delicious, since we've mixed and measured for you. Easy to roll out, sturdy enough to cut and decorate, these buttery sugar cookies are made with whole-grain oats for added nutrition and flavor.

Non-GMO Project Verified Certified Gluten-free™No Preservatives Great TasteKosher

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Here's what our customers say

  • I've made 8 dozen cut out cookies with this mix and my three daughters (8, 6, 3). The dough handles really well, and even the kids were able to roll and cut out cookies without it turning to mush or glue like previous gf sugar cookie recipes I've tried. We iced the cookies and kept them in a Tupperware for days on the counter and they were excellent. I'm done experimenting. I will stick with this mix!

    Rachel, Ohio
  • I’m so pleased with this product! As a home baker I’ve always avoided using mixes but I really enjoy King Arthur’s gluten-free mixes because they allow for creativity and the flavor and texture is superb.

    Ali, California
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