Organic White Whole Wheat Flour

Organic White Whole Wheat Flour

See whole grains in a new light. Whole-grain nutrition with a lighter color and milder taste. Our organic unbleached white whole wheat flour is milled from hard white spring wheat which yields milder-tasting baked goods. Substituting this flour for up to a third of the white flour in your favorite recipes gives you all of the nutrition and fiber of whole grains without compromising flavor.

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Here's what our customers say

  • This organic white whole wheat flour is wonderful. The recipe on the package for chocolate chip cookies is the best and has become a family favorite.

    Ginny, Oregon
  • I bake exclusively sourdough bread. King Arthur’s white whole wheat flour has added a distinctively different character to my breads. Better rising and more oven spring than traditional whole-wheat flour.

    Brian, Vermont

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